A Guide to the Different Packages Available at Funeral Homes

Posted February 21, 2022

funeral homes in Largo, FL

Most of the different funeral homes in Largo, FL are going to give you and your family access to a bunch of funeral packages when you call on them to host funeral services for a loved one. If possible, you should attempt to learn about these packages ahead of time so that you know which one might work best for you. We’ve put together a guide to the different packages available at funeral homes. Take a look at it below and consider which packages might be a good fit for your loved one.

Basic funeral plan with a cremation and burial

If you and your family want to keep things on the simpler side and ensure that their Largo, FL funeral services are as inexpensive as they can be, this funeral package might be your best option. It will include a traditional funeral service for your loved one and then a cremation for them. It’ll also include a burial of your loved one’s cremation urn once their cremation is complete. It’s a no-frills funeral package that will check all the boxes without breaking the bank.

Basic funeral plan with a burial

If you would prefer to bury your loved one versus cremating them, this is another simple package that should get the job done for you. When you go with this plan, you and your family will be able to hold a traditional funeral service for your loved one. You will also be able to bury them right after this service is complete in a cost-effective casket. It’ll cost a little bit more than the previous package, but it should still help you to save money while holding a funeral for your loved one.

Premium funeral plan

If your family is in a position to spend a little bit more money, a premium funeral plan might be right in your wheelhouse. The package will call for you and your family to hold a traditional funeral service for your loved one. From there, you’ll be able to lay them to rest in a cemetery in a much nicer casket than one of the caskets available in the previous package. You and your family might have to shell out a little more money for this package, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

funeral homes in Largo FL

Military casket funeral plan

If your loved one spent time serving in the military, you might want to skip each of the previous funeral packages and opt for the military casket funeral plan instead. Like the other packages, it’ll give your family an opportunity to hold a traditional funeral service for your loved one. But you’ll also get to select a military casket for them. If you like this package, you might also want to give some consideration to the burial at sea package offered by the U.S. Navy. You can have your loved one’s remains buried at sea after being placed aboard a U.S. Navy vessel. Both of these are terrific packages for military families.

At Veterans Funeral Care, we have a variety of funeral packages available at our Largo, FL funeral home for both veterans and non-veterans. Reach out to us today to discover more about each of these packages by seeing what they have to offer.

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