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Clearwater, Florida

From the home office of Veterans Funeral Care, we welcome you to our home. We want you and your family to feel comfortable with our friendly and compassionate staff as we work together to honor your family member. Our trained and licensed staff is here to assist with the details regarding your Veteran’s cremation and funeral arrangements. We will assist with the benefits applications that are available to you and your family, including Social Security benefits. We will work with you to make sure that the service incorporates every aspect that is important to you and your family, including arranging for military honors and TAPS.

Clearwater Services

Families located in and around Clearwater, Florida, have relied on the professional and caring staff of Veterans Funeral Care for years. You can be confident that we will provide the best service for you and your loved ones throughout this emotional process. We strive to provide peace of mind during this difficult time. Our Clearwater staff has years of professional and military experience differentiating our funeral services from other providers. We understand the commitment that your Veteran made to our country and want to help you celebrate their lives. If you are not in the Clearwater area, please visit our Provider Network to locate a certified VFC provider nearest you.

Our entire organization is committed to providing caring, compassionate funeral service to you and your family. We have an urgency to be outstanding in honor of your fallen Veteran or family member. In addition to offering the best cremation and funeral services, we strongly advise taking advantage of our planning services. We are available to sit down with you and your family to review our plans, your wishes, and document everything for the future.

If you are seeking cremation and funeral services in Clearwater, FL, contact Veterans Funeral Care for more information. Or visit our facility at 830 North Belcher Road in Clearwater.


Locations Served Include:

*Veterans Funeral Care serves veterans and their families anywhere in the United States. The locations listed above are a small representation of areas local to our headquarters. To find your nearest service provider, explore our provider network.

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