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Bushnell Funeral Home – Bushnell, Florida

The caring and compassionate staff at Veterans Funeral Care is licensed and trained in funeral and cremation service to assure that your fallen soldier receives the most honorable treatment. Our staff is prepared to assist you in taking care of all the funeral details for your loved one, including applying for Military benefits, Social Security, and Military burial honors. We hold your Veteran’s service to our country in the highest regard.

Bushnell Area Funeral Services

Families in the Bushnell, Florida area have trusted Veterans Funeral Care services for years to provide quality, compassionate services. We understand that this is a difficult time, and that you have a lot of choices to make. We want to help reduce your stress by assisting with all of your funeral plans. We know that being with your family is the most important thing right now.

We do encourage our families to participate in our planning services, which allows us to sit down and detail your funeral and cremation services, to ensure that your wishes are upheld and your loved ones are not further stressed. Part of this process is the discussion of whether you wish for your final resting place to be a local or National Cemetery. National Cemeteries are reserved for Veterans and their families free of charge. In the Bushnell area, the Florida National Cemetery is about fifteen minutes away. We will gladly assist in completing your registration paperwork for your local National Cemetery.

There is an urgency to be exceptional in our whole organization. We are focused on providing the best service to our client families. As a Veteran, you deserve the very best, and we stand by that statement wholeheartedly. We realize we may not be the most geographically convenient, but we are the only funeral home that is driven to give your Veteran the best care before, during and after their funeral or cremation services. If you are seeking funeral services in Bushnell, Florida, please contact Veterans Funeral Care by phone or visit our facility at 830 North Belcher Road in Clearwater.

Veterans Funeral Care
830 N. Belcher Rd.
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We are happy to have you in our office, come to your home, or we can make arrangements via Zoom or FaceTime. Please give us a call today at (727) 524-9202.


Locations Served Include:

*Veterans Funeral Care serves veterans and their families anywhere in the United States. The locations listed above are a small representation of areas local to our headquarters. To find your nearest service provider, explore our provider network.

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