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Any honorably discharged Veteran, spouse or other dependent can have their ashes buried or scattered at sea, at no cost. A career military retiree (20+ years) can request casket burial at sea.

Burial at sea services are performed on Naval vessels while deployed on official maneuvers. Therefore, it is impossible for the family to be present. Once the cremated remains are in the care of the Navy the process can take as long as 12-24 months until the veterans burial at sea ceremony takes place.

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After the ceremony, the family may receive:
  • The flag used in the ceremony
  • Still photographs of ceremony
  • A letter from the Captain of the vessel
  • A navigation chart showing the ceremony location

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In Loving Memory

Frank Sebesta, 73, died Dec 5, 2001. Born in Ellsworth, Kansas, he came here in 1980 from Key West. He was a retired Chief Petty Officer in the Navy after 23 years, nearly all of it underwater.

He is a Life Member of the Submarine Veterans association. His first duty was the USS Greenfish (SS-351). He also served aboard the USS Sirago, USS Grenadier, USS Mackerel, and was discharged while serving on the USS Trutta (SS-421).

Chief Sebesta was buried at sea with full military honors on May 2, 2002 by the USS Iwo Jima in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Veterans Funeral Care, Clearwater, Florida was entrusted with his arrangements.

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