Can a Family Hold a Funeral for Someone Who Is Being Cremated?

Posted October 12, 2020

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For a long time, there was one big myth that stopped families from even considering cremation services in Largo, FL for a loved one. Families were under the impression that if they cremated their loved ones, they weren’t going to be able to provide them with a proper funeral. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Families can—and, frankly, should—stage funeral services for their loved one, even if they’re going to be cremated. Find out some of the reasons why it’s so important for them to do this below.


It allows families to say goodbye to their loved ones in the right way.

Prior to cremating a person’s body, a family should always make sure that they say their goodbyes. In some cases, they can get away with doing this right at a crematory. But it’s usually a much better idea for them to do it in a formal setting at a funeral. You and your family will get the chance to say your goodbyes to your loved one when you hold Largo, FL funeral services for them. Doing it will work wonders for you as you move forward in life.


It helps families jumpstart the grieving process.

Simply saying goodbye to a loved one during a funeral isn’t going to put an end to the pain and anguish that a family feels. It’s going to take weeks, months, and maybe even years for a family to move past these emotions and feel a sense of peace when it comes to a loved one’s death. But holding a funeral for a person will certainly jumpstart the grieving process and get it moving in the right direction. It’s one of the top reasons why families should stage funeral services for their loved ones despite their decision to have them cremated.


It surrounds families with the love and support of others.

When a family holds a funeral for a loved one, they typically won’t be the only ones in attendance at it. There will also be lots of other people who show up to pay their respects to the deceased. These people will also shower the grieving family with lots of love and support during their dark days. This love and support will really go a long way as far as helping a family in their time of need.


cremation services in Largo FL 1 212x300It keeps families in accordance with their religious beliefs in some cases.

There are some religions, like Catholicism, that have really come around to allowing cremation. But many times, these religions still request that families hold some kind of funeral services for their loved ones. If your family is part of a religion that requires families to hold funeral services for the dead even if they’re being cremated, you should do your best to meet the requirements set forth by your religion. You should still be able to cremate your loved one as long as you do this.


Is your family going to hold a funeral for your loved one prior to their Largo, FL cremation? Veterans Funeral Care can lend a hand as you seek to set up funeral services for them. We work with both veteran and non-veteran families and can assist you throughout the planning process. Contact us for more information on our services.

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