Eco-Friendly Ideas for Cremated Remains

Posted December 26, 2022

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One of the most personal and crucial decisions to make after choosing to have the body of your departed loved ones cremated in cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL, is what to do with the remaining ashes. With the variety of options available, it can be overwhelming for you to choose. To help you out, we have compiled some of the more eco-friendly ways to take care of your loved one’s cremated remains. Choosing to deal with the ashes in an environmental-friendly approach can be a good way of celebrating their life as well. Below are some of the things you can do with the cremated ashes that are healthy for the environment.

Biodegradable Urns for Ash Remains

The rise in popularity of eco-friendly burial when scattering ashes has led to the innovation of biodegradable urns for cremated remains of your departed loved ones. The container containing the ash remains can also take an eco-friendly path toward a sustainable world. What makes these biodegradable urns better than the usual containers made to hold your deceased loved one’s ashes is the materials used are made out of organic and recyclable materials. To maximize their eco-friendly function, they are advised to be used for water burials or green cemeteries for them to naturally decompose and break down when buried and exposed to water. Biodegradable urns are a good option for families as the intention behind the creation of these urns is to save the environment.

Ash Scattering on Land

Scattering the ash remains of your departed loved one on land should be an eco-friendly method to consider. However, you must check in with the council and government regarding the legalities involved in the process. Some places may have their own sets of rules and regulations and may require legal permissions and permits as well. To prevent any future problems from arising, you must take care of these legal matters beforehand.

Using Plant Urnscremation services in Palm Harbor FL 1 225x300

Another environmentally-friendly way of taking care of your loved one’s cremated remains is through plant urns. Putting their ash remains in these urns can be aesthetically pleasing while being completely friendly to the environment. In some ways, plant urns are also a good way of keeping the memories of your loved one who passed alive. Scattering the ashes in the plant urn can be as simple as the process of planting seeds or flowers in a flower pot. You can choose to have the plant urns within your own backyard or garden, to have them located in a special location that is still near your proximity.

When talking about cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL, eco-friendly ways may be a topic that has been brought into the conversation. Aside from having plenty of options to choose from, choosing to bury the ash remains of your loved ones in an eco-friendly way helps in protecting the planet. For some people, burying their departed in a manner that holds lesser environmental impact somehow helps them feel relieved. Holding a green burial for the body or ashes of your loved one must be carefully planned and talked about in the family.

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