Forming Processions From Funeral Homes to Cemeteries

Posted September 19, 2022

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Is your family going to bury a loved one after holding funeral services for them at one of the funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL? Then you’re most likely going to want to drive directly from a funeral home to the cemetery where they’ll be buried. While doing this, you’ll want to form a funeral procession with other people who will also be coming with you to the cemetery where your loved one will be laid to rest. Here is a brief guide on how to form a funeral procession from a funeral home to a cemetery.

Begin by letting people know that there will be a funeral procession. 

If people don’t know that there is going to be a funeral procession heading to a cemetery, many of them might leave a Palm Harbor, FL funeral home before the procession gets started. So you should try to make some sort of an announcement about a funeral procession before it gets underway. Either you or a funeral director should stand up towards the end of a loved one’s funeral and tell everyone that there will be a funeral procession being put together if they would like to join it.

Work with a funeral home to provide people with funeral procession signs, flags, etc. 

Once you advise others about a funeral procession, you should meet in the parking lot so that you can provide further instructions on joining it. You should also work with your funeral home to set people up with signs, flags, etc. that will show that people are a part of a funeral procession. Your funeral home should be ready to hand these signs, flags, etc. out to all those who wish to take part in a funeral procession with you. They should also be prepared to collect them later on once a funeral procession is over and done with.

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Ask everyone who will be a part of a funeral procession to turn their hazard lights on. 

When everyone who will be a part of your funeral procession is ready to go, you should all line up your cars in the parking lot outside of a funeral home. You should also all turn your hazard lights on so that you’re able to easily let other drivers know that you have a funeral procession going on. Other drivers will be less likely to inadvertently break up your funeral procession when they see a string of cars that all have their hazard lights blinking.

Drive slowly throughout the course of a funeral procession. 

To ensure that a funeral procession is a success, you and everyone else who is a part of it will need to drive slowly. You might feel like you’re in a big hurry to head to a cemetery so that you can bury a loved one, but you shouldn’t necessarily drive like it. You could run the risk of having your funeral procession fall apart if some people are driving a lot faster than others.

When you plan Palm Harbor, FL funeral services for a loved one through our funeral home, we’ll be able to help you form a funeral procession as you make your way to a cemetery. We can also assist you with many other aspects of the funeral planning process. We can work with both military and non-military families at our facility. Reach out to us now to get additional information about our services. 

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