Forms to Fill Out When Planning Cremation Services

Posted August 22, 2022

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Generally speaking, planning cremation services in Largo, FL is going to be so much easier than planning burial services. But even still, there will be some aspects of planning a cremation that will require some effort on your part. For example, there are lots of different forms that will need to be filled out during the cremation planning process. It’s important for you to work with a funeral home to fill out these forms so that you don’t experience any delays when planning a loved one’s cremation. Take a look at several forms that will need to be on your radar below.

Death certificate application

While you’re in the process of planning a Largo, FL cremation for a loved one, you’re going to have to work to obtain a copy of their death certificate. To do this, you’ll typically be asked by a funeral home to fill out a death certificate application. You might also need to provide a funeral home with a bunch of documentation related to your loved one’s life and/or death. It’ll put you in a position to get your hands on a death certificate for a loved one fast.

Cremation authorization form

You and your family are going to have to give a funeral home permission to carry out a cremation for your loved one. A funeral home isn’t going to do anything before they have authorization from you. And it isn’t going to be enough for you to simply tell a funeral home that you are allowing them to cremate your loved one. You’ll need to fill out what’s called a cremation authorization form to give them your permission to conduct cremation services. You should try to fill out this form sooner rather than later so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

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Funeral planning form

More often than not, families will choose to hold funerals for their loved ones even if they’re going to be cremating them. If this is your family’s plan, you will need to work with a funeral home to fill out a funeral planning form. This form will specify which type of funeral you’re going to plan for a loved one. It’ll also lay out all of the different decisions that you make during the funeral planning process so that you and your funeral home are on the same page.

Payment authorization form

There is obviously going to be a cost associated with cremating a loved one through a funeral home. Thankfully, it’ll be lower than the cost that often comes along with burying a loved one. But there will still be a cost nonetheless. It’ll be imperative that you choose how you’re going to pay for a loved one’s cremation services and fill out a payment authorization form so that a funeral home charges you for cremation services accordingly. It’ll be one of the final forms you’ll need to cremate a loved one.

We understand that it can be challenging trying to keep up with all the forms that families need to fill out when planning Largo, FL cremations. We strive to make it as easy as we can at our funeral home. We also specialize in working with both veterans and non-veterans at our funeral home. Give us a call to kickstart the cremation planning process today.

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