How Long Does a Cremation Take? Everything You Need to Know

Posted November 22, 2021

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Are you getting ready to cremate a loved one? If you are, you may be wondering how long it’s going to take for their cremation services in Largo, FL to play out from start to finish. It takes somewhere between one and three hours to carry out most cremations. But there are a number of factors that can have an impact on exactly how long a cremation takes. Today, we’re going to talk about several of these factors so that you’re able to estimate how long your loved one’s cremation will take.

Your loved one’s height and weight will play a big part in the length of their cremation.

One of the reasons why Largo, FL cremations tend to take different amounts of time to carry out is because each individual person’s body is a little bit different. Some people are very tall and weigh more than most other people. Other people are very short and weigh just a fraction of what most other people do. Your loved one’s height and weight will help to determine how long that their cremation lasts. The taller and/or heavier that they are, the longer that it’s going to take to complete their cremation.

The type of cremation container that is used by a crematory will also be important.

Before your loved one’s body is cremated, it’s going to be placed into a special cremation container. This cremation container is going to be combustible, and it’ll help to get things going once your loved one’s cremation is underway. That being said, every crematory utilizes a slightly different cremation container. So some of them are going to take longer to start to work than others. The container that is utilized for your loved one’s cremation will therefore impact how long that it takes.

The temperature of a cremation chamber will affect how long your loved one’s cremation takes.

After your loved one’s body is put into a cremation container, the container will then be moved into a cremation chamber where the actual cremation will take place. The temperature inside of this chamber is going to be anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit in most cases. If the temperature falls on the lower end of that spectrum, it could result in your loved one’s cremation taking a little longer than if it falls on the higher end of it.

Even the time of day when your loved one’s cremation occurs could impact the length of it.

You might not think that the time of day when your loved one’s cremation occurs would matter too much. But if it’s carried out first thing in the morning, that’s usually going to mean that the cremation chamber it’s put in won’t be fully warmed up for the day just yet. It could lead to their cremation taking some extra time. If, on the other hand, the cremation occurs in the afternoon, the cremation chamber might be as hot as it’s going to get all day. This could lead to the cremation playing out much quicker than it would in the morning. It’s one more thing to keep in mind as you try to calculate how long your loved one’s cremation will take.

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Do you still have questions about how long your loved one’s Largo, FL cremation is going to take to be over and done with? Veterans Funeral Care would love to answer them for you. We specialize in serving both veterans and non-veterans and have extensive experience within the cremation industry. Give us a call and let us help you with your cremation needs.

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