How Much Do Cremation Services Cost? A Guide on Cremation Costs

Posted July 27, 2020

cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL

Generally speaking, planning cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL for a loved one as opposed to planning burial services is going to save you and your family money. Cremation services tend to cost just a fraction of what burial services do. But it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cost of cremation services without considering the different factors associated with them. Here are some of the factors that can affect the final cost of cremation services.

Who will be handling the cremation services?

The first factor that will impact the cost of cremation service is the Palm Harbor, FL funeral home that is chosen to carry these services out. All funeral homes charge a different amount for the cremation services that they provide to families. You could schedule the same exact services with two funeral homes in the same general area and pay two completely different amounts for them. It’s why families should shop around for the right funeral home for their loved one’s cremation.

What kind of cremation services will be used?

There are several different kinds of cremation services that families can plan for their loved ones. You can go with everything from a simple cremation that will usually cost under $1,000 to a cremation with a memorial service or a traditional funeral with a cremation that will cost anywhere from two to five times what a simple cremation would. If your family is trying to save a few bucks on cremation services, a simple cremation might do the trick. But it’s really up to you to decide which cremation services will fit into your family’s budget.

Which urn will be selected to store a person’s remains?funeral services 300x201

At the conclusion of a person’s cremation, their remains will be taken and given to their family. Their family will then have the option of storing them inside of an urn if they want to. Urns will have an effect on the price paid for cremation services. They can cost anywhere from about $100 all the way up to well over $1,000 depending on what you want them to look like and whether or not you want them customized. This is another area in which your family can try and save some money if you’re worried about spending a small fortune on cremation services.

What will be done with the remains?

If a family chooses to place their loved one’s remains into an urn and take them home for good, that won’t add to their cremation expenses. But if they decide to bury their loved one’s remains or even scatter them, it could cost them more money. They might have to pay additional money for a graveside burial service or for a scattering ceremony. It’s something to keep in mind when your family is deciding what to do with a loved one’s remains.

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