How to Save Money on Funeral Flowers: 3 Smart Tips

Posted November 21, 2022

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When planning for funeral and burial arrangements, flowers are a standard part of the plan. From the massive flower decorations to the smaller arrangements set on top of the casket, flowers have become part of memorial services since traditional times. However, shopping for funeral flowers among funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL, can get you spending lots of money on funeral flowers. Consider these three smart tips from us that may help you better plan your budget when buying funeral flowers.

Go for the Leafy Fronds Instead of the Usual Flowers

Steering away from the usual grand flower arrangements, you can have ferns and green fillers as an alternative but a good option as well. Having a few pieces of colorful flowers arranged in front of these green leafy fillers can cut down funeral flower costs by a lot. Aside from ferns, you may also consider Baby’s Breath, Ivy, Holly, and Bells of Ireland among the green fillers you can include in your flower placement. The arrangement would still end up looking nice when put together in a beautiful way.

Shop at a Local Store

Shopping for funeral flowers from local shops, such as grocery stores, discount stores, or supermarkets, can minimize the expense of buying funeral flowers. Often, pre-arranged flowers are also sold in these local shops that can be bought at a lower rate, as compared to those grand flower shops. You can re-arrange these flower arrangements according to your desire and needs. Since flowers are also sometimes sold per piece in these local stores, you can buy add-ons to brighten up the pre-arranged ones you bought.

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Opt for Seasonal Flowers When Shopping for Funeral Flowers

Most of the time, flowers that are locally in season are ample and, thus, sold at a lower price than the out-of-season ones. When making funeral flower arrangements, be sure to opt for seasonal flowers to avoid spending a lot. You can also easily find these flowers when sourcing since they are easier to find. One good place you can shop for these seasonal flowers is at the local farmer’s market. Talk to the flower vendors at the place about the flowers in season and try to make a good deal with them with regards to price. You can get creative afterward in arranging these flowers while also taking into consideration the first tip, which is to opt for leafy fronds and fillers. Combining these two tips can get you a beautiful funeral arrangement that fits your budget.

Budgeting your funeral flower arrangements does not mean you cannot get beautiful and quality arrangements. Adding funeral flowers to the list of things you want to add when making funeral service plans with funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL, does not have to break your allocated budget. Creativity plays a big role in making these things possible while not going over your budget. Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially from us. We have been helping families of both veterans and non-veterans make funeral arrangements plans for their deceased loved ones. Talk to us now so we can help you out.

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