Ideas on What to do With Cremated Ashes

Posted February 27, 2023

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After losing a loved one, deciding on the type of funeral and burial for the deceased person requires a lot of time and reflection on the part of the family. Aside from deciding on these things, you may also encounter the need to decide on what to do with the cremated ashes after the cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL. Almost every individual would want to give the best possible way to honor their beloved dead after the process of cremation. Considering what to do with the cremated ashes needs to consider several factors, such as thinking about the interests and morals of a person, and should be a decision made by the whole family. Keep reading to learn about some ideas you may do with the cremated ashes of your loved one.

Keep the Urn at Home

One traditional way of keeping the cremated ashes of a person is to keep the urn or jar that holds the ash remains at home. You may put them in an altar you have at home, the room of the departed, or even at a place that allows you to remember their presence in your home. Make sure to place them in a secure location, away from the reach and sight of children as well as pets. In this way, you are able to recall and reminisce their memories whenever you see the urn that keeps their ash remains. A lot of people choose to do this to help them recover and feel the presence of the departed even after they are gone.

Have Them Tattooed on Your Body

Although this option may still not be known to a lot of people, tattooing the cremated remains into your body is possible. If you do not want to risk losing the ash remains, you can keep them close to you and have them as a body modification. Try to find a tattoo artist that is willing to mix the cremated remains with the ink to be used and use the mixture to tattoo any art you want on your body. You now have a permanent symbol of your departed loved one through the tattoo on your body.

Turn Them Into a Piece of Jewelrycremation services in Palm Harbor FL 3

Some people may not be fond of having tattoos on their bodies. If that is the case, you can choose to turn the cremated ashes into pieces of jewelry instead. One of the more popular choices is having the ash remains made into a locket or even a ring. Talk to the jewelry maker about what you want to do with the ash remains.

There are lots of options that you can do with the cremated ashes of your beloved loved one. After availing of the cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL, you may feel the burden of having to decide what you should do with the ash remains of your departed loved one. Use the guide above to help you come up with the best possible idea. Honoring their memories through these ways is an entire process you have to carefully think about with the whole family.

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