Is Embalming a Part of the Cremation Process?

Posted April 25, 2022

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Before a person is buried, their body will usually be embalmed. The embalming process helps to preserve the person’s body and enables their family to hold a viewing for them. But what about when a person is put through cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL? Is their body embalmed, too? This is something that families often ask about when they’re preparing to cremate a loved one. Find out the answer below so that you’re prepared.

A person can be embalmed prior to their cremation.

If you and your family would like to embalm your loved one before their Palm Harbor, FL cremation, you’re welcome to do it. A lot of families opt to embalm their loved ones prior to their cremations when they know that they’re going to stage viewing for them. They might also do it if they’re going to have an open casket at a loved one’s funeral right before their cremation. It’s nice to know that this will be an option for your family if you would like.

But more often than not, those being cremated aren’t embalmed.

Although some families might choose to have their loved ones embalmed prior to their cremations, most families choose not to do it. Unless a family is going to have a viewing for their loved one, they don’t see the sense in embalming them. And by not embalming them, they’re often able to have their cremations carried out more quickly. If you’re interested in cremating a loved one as fast as you can, you might want to consider not having them embalmed.

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By skipping embalming, families can save money while cremating loved ones.

Another reason why some families choose not to embalm a loved one is that it will cost them some money. It’ll make their cremation costs a little bit higher than they have to be. And while cremation costs still won’t be anywhere close to burial costs even with embalming thrown into the mix, many families like to keep their cremation costs low by skipping embalming. It’s an easy way to make sure your family sticks to your budget.

Your funeral home can explain embalming more to you.

If you have any additional questions about embalming someone who is going to be cremated, you should speak with your funeral home about them. They’ll be able to help you decide if it’s going to make sense to embalm a loved one based on the kind of funeral services that you’re going to hold for them. They can also provide you with pricing for their embalming services so that you’re able to make the smartest decision possible in the end.

Do you have more questions about the embalming process as it pertains to Palm Harbor, FL cremations? A funeral director from our funeral home can answer them all for you if you would like. Give us a call today to schedule a sit-down meeting with them so that you’re able to learn about all the ins and outs of embalming.

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