Knowing the Difference Between Eulogy and Obituary

Posted December 5, 2022

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While attending a funeral and memorial service at a funeral home in Largo, FL, you might have come across people delivering their eulogies and obituaries. At some point in your life, you probably have been tasked to write a eulogy or obituary for someone. When talking about funeral plans or activities held during funeral services, it is important to have a good grasp of all the details that take place during a deceased person’s funeral service. One way of honoring a departed loved one during the service is through written pieces. Both eulogies and obituaries are written tasks that are delivered after a person’s death and usually during the memorial. Read on if you want to know the difference between these two written compositions.

Eulogy: What is it About?

A eulogy is a written piece and a form of funeral service speech that is delivered verbally during the service. The purpose of a eulogy is to honor and celebrate the life of the departed by telling stories about them. People who write eulogies may talk about particular lifestyles, services, acts, and attributes regarding the deceased person that brought a significant change to the world or even their life. The piece will then be read during a funeral or memorial service in front of other guests and visitors. Most of the time, families designate more than one person to write and deliver a eulogy at the funeral. The reason for this may be to cover more stories and life instances of their departed loved one.

Defining Obituary

On the other hand, an obituary is also a form of a written piece funeral tribute for the person who passed. The written piece is a brief written biography regarding the deceased person that is usually posted in newspapers. People write obituaries to inform the mass about the passing of a particular person. Personal information, such as the name, age, birthplace, as well as date of death, is included in an obituary. With the rise of technological innovations, obituaries are also now made available online. People can now read obituaries online rather than in the newspapers alone.

Eulogy vs. Obituary: What’s the Difference?funeral home in Largo FL 1 300x225

The difference between a eulogy and an obituary primarily lies in their mode of delivery. An obituary is a written piece about the deceased person that is made available to the public through newspapers. Instead of informing the people in the usual news writing style, obituaries allow the celebration of their memories through the written piece. A eulogy, on the other hand, is a written piece that is verbally recited in front of the departed’s family and some friends.

Eulogies and obituaries both involve the process of honoring the memories of the departed person through written pieces. Writing an obituary or delivering a eulogy during a service at a funeral home in Largo, FL, are some of the ways you can honor the life of the departed. Putting your emotions and sincerity into drafting your piece plays an important role in writing a great piece. Recalling the memories with the person also helps in writing these two pieces to commemorate their death.

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