POW Survivor from WWII is presented a 48 star Flag

Posted March 8, 2016

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J.G. “Tracy” Taylor was captured by the Japanese following the attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. At the time he was stationed on a small island in the western Pacific and remained a POW behind enemy lines for the during of the war. During his time as a POW he also received a Purple Heart.

The 48 star was presented to Tracy by Veterans Funeral Care and Seminole Post 111 in Tampa with Retired Army Major Norman Belson as the master of ceremonies. At 93 years of age Tracy is the oldest member of Seminole Post 111 in Tampa. After the war Mr. Taylor served his fellow veterans and eventually retired from the Hillsborough County Veterans Service Office. At the time of the presentation, Mr. Taylor is the longest sitting chairman of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission, a seat that he has proudly occupied for over 35 years.

“I don’t know what to say about all of this. It means so much to me to receive the 48 star flag because that is the flag that I served under,”

Tracy remarked after the presentation. After the presentation was over and asked one of the caregivers who watched the ceremony about Mr. Taylor. She replied,

“He is the most humble, kind man you could ever meet. He has been through so much and yet he is as humble as he is.”

I am glad that our relationship with Post 111 and there support of the Retire Your Flag with Honor program led to meeting Tracy Taylor. According to the World War II Museum approximately 430 World War II veterans die every day. That leaves about 700,000 World War II veterans nationally and just over 65,000 in Florida.

Next time you see a veteran from the greatest generation wearing his “Veteran of World War II” hat on, tell him thanks.

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