Reasons to Consider Putting a Loved One’s Remains in Multiple Urns

Posted January 24, 2022

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Did you know that you and your family don’t have to put all of your loved one’s cremated remains into a single urn following their cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL? You can also choose to divide the remains up and place them into multiple urns. While this idea isn’t going to be for every family, there are many families that can benefit from taking this approach to dealing with a loved one’s remains. Here are several of the top reasons to consider putting a loved one’s remains in multiple urns.

Provides a portion of your loved one’s remains for a handful of family members

If your family takes all of your loved one’s remains following their Palm Harbor, FL cremation and puts them into a single urn, only one family member will be able to hold onto the remains. But if you split them up and put them into multiple urns, several different family members will be able to bring your loved one’s remains home. In fact, it’ll put you in a position to give your loved one’s remains to as many people as you would like. You can divide them up in as many ways as you want and dish them out to your various family members.

Stops your family members from arguing over what to do with your loved one’s remains

There are some families that just can’t seem to come to a consensus when trying to decide what to do with a loved one’s remains. Some family members will want to bring the remains home, others will want to bury them, and a few will even want to scatter them. You can stop all the arguing over what to do with a loved one’s remains by giving everyone in your family a portion of your loved one’s remains. They can then take their portion of the remains and do whatever they would like with them.

Helps to keep at least some of your loved one’s remains safe over time

If all of your loved one’s remains are in the same urn and something happens to that urn, it’s obviously going to put all the remains into danger. The remains might get destroyed during a house fire or lost in a move and be gone forever. But if you spread your loved one’s remains out in multiple urns, at least some of them will stay safe over time. There is almost no chance of something happening to all your loved one’s remains when you put them into different urns and pass them out to family members.

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Lets you enjoy all of these benefits without costing you a fortune

Some families worry about how much that it’ll cost to divide a loved one’s remains up and place them into different urns. It might cost a little more than buying just one urn for a loved one’s remains. But these days, there are plenty of cost-effective urns on the market. So you and your family should be able to find urns that you can use to divide your loved one’s remains up that won’t break the bank.

More and more families are beginning to buy multiple urns so that they can put their loved one’s remains into them after their Palm Harbor, FL cremations. If this interests your family, Veterans Funeral Care can talk to you more about doing it. We can assist both veteran and non-veteran families at our funeral home. Give us a call now to speak with someone about your cremation needs.

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