Reporting a Military Veteran or Retiree’s Death

Posted November 14, 2022

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Having to arrange and settle military things for the death of a military veteran or retiree can overburden the agonizing baggage you already carry. Although you are still going through a rough time while grieving, it is necessary for you to report your military spouse or loved one’s death as soon as you can. Aside from claiming the benefits of the deceased veteran in terms of financial matters, as well as ceremonies and possible cremation services in Largo, FL, immediately reporting the death can help avoid reimbursements in the future. Family members who failed to report the incident of the death of a former military veteran and still continue to receive retirement pay can face reimbursement circumstances for the overpayments. Follow the steps stated below to report the death of your military spouse or loved one.

Notify the DFAS

The agency that oversees the financial transactions made with the members of the Department of Defense, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), must immediately be notified after the passing. Clients who live in the States can reach their local casualty care team at 1-800-321-1080 or 216-522-5955 for international clients. The agency would usually ask for the Social Security Number, as well as details about the death of the military retiree upon calling. Payments will then be immediately cut off to avoid overpayments. After notifying the DFAS, you must immediately report the death to the institution in charge of financial matters, as well as the other institutions or organizations that your military spouse or loved one has been a member of. For example, if your military loved one is enrolled in the Veteran’s Group Life Insurance, then you must notify the Group Life Insurance Office as well.

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Accomplish the Documents That Need to be Filled Before Sending Them Back

A condolence letter, together with a packet of documents, will be sent out by the DFAS after a few business days of reporting. Complete the necessary documents that need to be filled out. Before sending it back to the DFAS, you must attach and include a copy of the deceased retiree’s death certificate on the packet. After doing so, you may return the packet filled with the needed documents to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in Indianapolis, IN. You may get in touch with them if you need further assistance by calling the given hotline above.

The incident of death must immediately be reported to the agencies and institutions mentioned above as soon as possible to prevent any delays and financial difficulties, especially on the end of the bereaved family. Following the steps mentioned above can ease up the overwhelming feeling of having to arrange things, like claiming benefits and finding funeral homes that offer cremation services in Largo, FL, while grieving. If you are looking for a funeral home that could assist you in arranging funeral matters for both veterans and non-veterans, then we are here for you. You may visit our website to learn more about the services and arrangements we offer. Get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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