The Truth Behind the Most Common Myths About Cremation Services

Posted August 24, 2020

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Many years ago, there used to be a whole bunch of myths surrounding cremation that prevented people from even considering it as a viable option. Today, a lot of those myths have been busted, which is a big part of the reason why cremation services in Largo, FL are more popular than ever. But still, there are some cremation myths that just won’t go away. They continue to stop people from thinking about using cremation services. Let’s check out the truth behind some of the most common cremation myths around.

Cremation involves the use of fire.

This has probably been the most popular Largo, FL cremation myth over time. Lots of people have mistakenly bought into the idea that cremation involves the use of fire. They believe that a person’s body is placed into a fire during the cremation process and reduced to cremated remains. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, cremation involves the use of heat, not fire. That makes it a whole lot less scary to many people.

Cremation can lead to people’s cremated remains commingling.

When a person’s body is cremated, it is cremated in a cremation chamber all by itself. Following the cremation, the person’s remains are then cleaned up and placed into a cremation container for their family. There is absolutely no way for one person’s remains to get mixed up with another person’s remains. Yet, many people still think this is possible. You shouldn’t buy into this myth if you’re thinking about cremating a loved one or getting cremated yourself.

Cremation has been banned by all major religions.

A long time ago, this myth was actually true. Many of the world’s major religions didn’t believe in allowing people to choose cremation over a traditional burial. But in this day and age, that is no longer the case. Almost all of the world’s major religions, including Catholicism and most branches of Christianity, are on board with cremation. Islam and Judaism are two of the remaining standouts that don’t allow it. But it wouldn’t be surprising if all of the religions came around to cremation eventually.

Cremation doesn’t allow for families to hold funerals for loved ones.

If you’re planning to cremate a loved one sometime soon, you might be under the impression that holding a funeral or another type of service won’t be allowed. But this is yet another misconception that people have about cremation. You can—and should!—hold a funeral for someone either before or after their cremation. It’ll give you and your family a chance to say your goodbyes to your loved one as you provide them with a proper sendoff.

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