Things to do With Your Wedding Ring After Your Spouse’s Death

Posted December 19, 2022

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During a wedding, a ring is placed on the ring fingers of both the persons that are getting married to signify their love and commitment to one another. Deciding on what to do with it after sending your deceased spouse to the funeral home in Palm Harbor, FL can take a lot of time to think. There are no customary rules when it comes to wearing your wedding rings after the death of your spouse. However, you want to take your time and look deeper into your options before making your decision. If you still find yourself undecided on what to do with your wedding ring after the loss of a spouse, here are a few suggestions from us that may help you decide.

Continue Wearing it

The easiest and simplest thing to do with your wedding ring after the death of your spouse is to continue to wear it. A lot of people choose to wear their rings for the rest of their lives, even after losing their husbands. The reason may vary depending on the person, but you do not necessarily have to have a reason similar to them why you choose to wear it even after losing your spouse. You must continue wearing your wedding ring simply because it is what feels right and best for you. Getting into peer pressure from other people to have you wear your ring after losing your husband should never be the reason. Wear your ring if you want to continue doing so.

Move it to Your Right Hand

Widowed partners have developed a common practice throughout the time of moving their wedding ring from their left hand to their right. If you feel stuck between wanting to let go of the pain by not wearing your ring and still wanting to keep wearing your ring, then this might be the compromising thing to do. Moving your ring to your other hand may be the step you are looking for to finally move forward and go to the stage of not wearing your ring. Some people choose to move their ring for life, while some only choose to do so temporarily.

Wear it on a necklacefuneral homes in Palm Harbor FL 1 300x200

Over time, you may have already encountered people with necklaces dangling from their necks with rings as their pendants. This has also become a practice among widows to wear their wedding rings on a chain. Again, the reason for this may vary for every individual, and you do not need to have an explanation prepared for people if you ever choose to do this.

There are plenty of things to do with your wedding ring after losing your spouse and dropping their bodies off at the funeral home in Palm Harbor, FL. What to do with your ring does not have to be a burden and complicated thing. All you need to consider is yourself. Make a decision that feels right and suits your healing stage best. There is no need to rush on these types of things. Read on your options, but never let anyone pressure and bully you into making a decision.

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