Three Things you Probably did not Know About Cremains

Posted October 24, 2022

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When discussing funeral or memorial plans, specifically cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL, you have probably heard of the term “cremains.” After the cremation process, the bereaved family is left with these cremated remains for them to either keep, spread, or bury. Typically, the initial thought that comes to mind whenever a cremains is brought into a conversation is the ashes of the cremated departed. Contrary to this usual notion about cremains, they are not human ashes at all. Below are some cremains facts you probably did not know about. 

Cremains are not Ashes 

The leftover remains from the cremation process carried out inside a closed furnace are known as “cremated remains” or cremains. As opposed to the usual belief, cremains is not ash at all. The human ashes are made up of mostly dry calcium phosphates, combined with other types of minerals, like potassium and sodium. A small portion of the cremains stays as carbonate, while the rest of the carbon, together with sulfur, is ostracized as oxidized gases. 

Cremains Usually Weigh Around Five Pounds for an Average Adult 

After the process of cremation, only the bone fragments are left as remains. As a result, taller people tend to have more cremains than shorter people. Young individuals will also have more cremated remains than older ones as they are known to have denser bones. On the other hand, men also appear to have more condensed bones than women, resulting in the men’s heavier weight of cremains than women. In general, the remains following the cremation process usually end up weighing around 3.5% of the original weight. 

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You can Bury the Cremains of Your Departed Loved One on a Burial Ground 

Commonly known as the interment of ashes, the process of burying cremains can be done in a cemetery plot that may be much smaller than the usual plots. Depending on the bereaved family’s wishes, a similar burial process can be held for the urn containing the cremains. In some cemeteries, there are designated buildings for the cremated remains, also known as the columbarium. The building typically consists of a space called the niche, designated for each urn to be stored or buried. 

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