Traditions and Customs of Military Funeral

Posted February 6, 2023

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Honoring the life and memory of a person can sometimes include holding a funeral service at funeral homes in Largo, FL. For military veterans, there are some additional traditions that may be different from the usual funeral traditions. Individuals who have served in the military are given ceremonial traditions and military types of burial that may be symbolic of the service rendered throughout their lives. When these military funeral traditions are conducted, they provide better meaning to the duties fulfilled by the deceased veteran. Discovering the different army funeral traditions allows us to know the different aspects of military honors and traditions. Read on to learn more about the various features attached to a military funeral.

Draping the Casket With the National Flag

A custom that dates back as far as the Napoleonic wars, draping the casket with the national flag has been a tradition that is practiced to cover the body of the departed who were removed from the area of battle. Similar to the legal policies of other countries, the flag is not allowed to touch the ground. In addition to this, the flag shall not be placed on top of the grave and must be removed at the end of the funeral and folded by the honor guard into its triangular form.

Three Riffle Volleys Over the Grave

A ceremonial act that is conducted at military funerals, the three-riffle volley involves three to seven riffles firing three volleys in honor and memory of the fallen soldier. The history of this custom can be traced back to the dynastic wars in Europe, where there would be a temporary ceasefire so the wounded and the dead could be removed from the area of the battle. After successfully removing the bodies, three shots will be fired to signify the resumption of the battle. Military funerals have adopted and made this rite into a funeral one, where the three riffle shots can mean paying respect to the deceased veteran for their contributions to the army.

The Riderless Horsefuneral homes in Largo FL

For several years, military parades have included a riderless horse in their events to symbolize cavalry or mounted troops who have died in battle. In doing this tradition, a single riderless horse follows the casket of the deceased veteran, who was a former colonel or higher than a colonel. This tradition is also held during the burial of a president who passed. The riderless horse also follows the coffin of the deceased president to symbolize the president’s taking part in being the nation’s military commander-in-chief.

In recognizing the fallen members of the army, military funeral traditions are held during their funeral and burial at funeral homes in Largo, FL. When you attend a military funeral service, you will most likely witness these traditions being practiced to honor the memory and contribution of the fallen veteran. Being knowledgeable and aware of these customs can enlighten you about the things that need to be done and pay respect to the ceremony. Military funeral honors the veterans who have served the country as a sign of gratitude as well as respect.

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