What Are the Fingerprint Keepsakes Found at Some Funeral Homes?

Posted December 6, 2021

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Are you and your family trying to come up with a unique way to honor a loved one who recently passed away? If you are, many funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL have started to offer fingerprint keepsakes to families that would be perfect for this purpose. Today, we’re going to discuss fingerprint keepsakes at length so that you can decide if they would be right for your family. Learn all about them below. 

What are fingerprint keepsakes? 

Fingerprint keepsakes are exactly what they sound like. They’re pieces of jewelry that feature a person’s fingerprints on them. You can find fingerprint keepsakes that come in many different forms. Some of the most popular types of fingerprint keepsakes are fingerprint urn pendants, fingerprint rings, fingerprint pendants, fingerprint charms, and fingerprint dog tags. There are also things like fingerprint knives, fingerprint lighters, and more. Once you start looking around at the different types of fingerprint keepsakes that are out there, you’re almost guaranteed to find a few that you will like immediately. 

Where can you buy fingerprint keepsakes? 

If you’re interested in buying fingerprint keepsakes with a loved one’s fingerprints on them, almost any Palm Harbor, FL funeral home should be able to help you secure them. But it’s worth noting that not all funeral homes are always going to carry an extensive fingerprint keepsake collection. It’s why it might be worth looking for a funeral home that has a healthy supply of fingerprint keepsakes if you know that you’re going to want to order them. 

How much do fingerprint keepsakes cost? 

The cost of fingerprint keepsakes is going to depend on a wide range of different factors. Everything from the type of fingerprint keepsakes that you buy to the funeral home that you buy them from is going to impact how much they will cost you. But generally speaking, fingerprint keepsakes should be a lot more affordable than you might think. They’ll also prove to be great investments since they’re going to become invaluable to you over time. 

How long does it take to make fingerprint keepsakes?funeral homes Palm HarborFL 300x200

One of the things that some families worry about when it comes to fingerprint keepsakes is the turnaround time associated with them. They’re often concerned about how long that it’s going to take for them to get their hands on fingerprint keepsakes. But you’ll be happy to know that there are some instances in which you can obtain fingerprint keepsakes in just 24 hours. You’ll want to speak with someone from your funeral home to see whether or not this will be possible for you. 

If your family would like to buy fingerprint keepsakes in the aftermath of a loved one’s loss, Veterans Funeral Care can help you secure them. We can also help you plan out a loved one’s Palm Harbor, FL funeral services from start to finish and make the planning process easy on you. Call us now to get the ball rolling. We can assist both veterans and non-veterans at our funeral home.

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