What Funeral Products can you buy Elsewhere?

Posted January 16, 2023

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Making the arrangements and deals necessary with the funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL can get you to stop worrying about things as they almost do everything on your behalf. In some cases, people choose to omit other equipment and things from their funeral package to save quite a bit on funeral expenses. For some people, choosing this option can better cater to the needs of their family and situation. Regardless of the reason why you would prefer to get some funeral items outside the funeral package, it is still better to be aware of your options. To address this concern, here are some of the funeral things you can buy elsewhere when arranging a funeral arrangement for your departed loved one.


One of the more obvious things that you do not need to purchase from the funeral home nor the cemetery is the coffin where the body will be placed. Most funeral packages already include a casket for the departed, but you can simply state your concern to the person in charge. To order the casket on your own outside the funeral home involved, choose a funeral package that does not include a coffin. In return, you can find a wide range selection of caskets online or even ones that are locally made. Getting caskets from these places can sometimes get you a better deal than the price you get from the funeral home.

Headstones, Grave Markers, or Monuments

Most of the time, funeral homes make the needed arrangement to have the headstones or grave markers ready for your loved one’s burial. Yet, you do not have to purchase these from them, and you can simply order one directly from the company or maker to ask for better pricing. You can also look online for the lowest price, although this can be quite risky. Ordering these things outside the funeral home involved can also be time-consuming as you may need to undergo processes that will eat up a lot of your time. Look up these options and see what works for you and your family’s situation regarding headstones, grave markers, and monuments.

Flowers and Decorative Thingsfuneral homes in Palm Harbor FL 300x200

Similar to the other two mentioned above, funeral homes, most of the time, already have these things ready for your loved one, depending on the package you have chosen. If you feel like you can save up more by purchasing these things outside the funeral home involved, you can purchase these things online or from the local florists available. You are a hundred percent free to arrange the flowers or decorative items needed on your own instead of getting them from the funeral home.

Settling everything that is needed for the funeral with the funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL, can be a little more hassle-free than arranging these things on your own. Yet, if you are looking for ways how to save up on funeral expenses, then purchasing these things outside the funeral home can be an option. Try comparing the costs at different shops and decide which would be more practical for you and your family. You should bear in mind, though, that letting the funeral homes do these things for you can be less bother, and you can be more focused on grieving.

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