Which Types of Urns Can You Choose for a Loved One’s Remains?

Posted March 28, 2022

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Shopping for an urn for a loved one’s cremation services in Clearwater, FL seems like it should be simple enough, doesn’t it? But once you begin looking for an urn that you can display at home for your loved one’s cremated remains, you’re going to quickly get overwhelmed by all your options. You should learn about some of the basic types of urns in advance so that you’re not caught off guard. Discover more about the various types of urns below so that you have an easier time picking one out for a loved one.


Metal urns are probably the most popular types of urns purchased for Clearwater, FL cremations. This is partly due to the fact that metal urns are the ones that are often shown in movies and on TV shows. But metal urns are also popular because they’re very durable and cost-effective. Additionally, you can find metal urns that are all different shapes and sizes. You should usually start shopping for an urn by checking out what metal urns will have in store for you.

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While most metal urns are strong and durable, you might want to consider going with a stone urn instead if you want to take the strength of an urn to the next level. Stone urns can be made out of everything from granite to marble, which makes them even stronger than metal urns. They also tend to be on the heavier side, which makes them an ideal choice for those who are going to put a loved one’s urn on display.


If your goal is to find an urn that you can display in your home, stone urns are always a great choice. But you should also give some thought to going with a wooden urn. Wooden urns are some of the most attractive urns in the business at this time. They’re also the easiest urns to customize if you would like to put a loved one’s name on the urn that you buy. Wooden urns aren’t quite as indestructible as metal and stone urns, but they will be stronger than you might expect.


If you’re going to display a loved one’s urn in your home, you’re not going to need to worry about it being eco-friendly. But if you are going to bury it or use it to scatter a loved one’s remains, then an eco-friendly urn might be exactly what you’re in the market for. Eco-friendly urns are constructed out of biodegradable materials that won’t do any harm to the earth if you bury them or leave them behind after a loved one’s ash scattering ceremony.

Is your family having a tough time deciding which urn that you want to buy while planning a loved one’s Clearwater, FL cremation? We can walk you through a bunch of great options when you plan their cremation services through our funeral home. We can cater to both veteran and non-veteran families. Give us a call to hear more about all of the urns that we have in stock. 

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