Why Are Viewings Held at Funeral Homes?

Posted August 15, 2022

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Many families choose to hold viewings for their loved ones at funeral homes in Largo, FL before staging funeral services for them and then either burying or cremating them. Also sometimes called a “wake,” a viewing is an event that will call for a funeral home to put a person’s body on display in their casket for the final time before their funeral. So, why exactly are viewings held at funeral homes? There are many reasons for it. Check out a few of them below.

To help a grieving family come to terms with a loved one’s death

Some families really struggle to come to terms with the death of a loved one in the immediate aftermath of their passing. They can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that their loved one is actually gone. By holding a viewing for a loved one at a Largo, FL funeral home, a family can come to realize what has happened to their loved one. They can also come to accept it so that they don’t get stuck in a state of denial.

To provide people with a chance to say goodbye to a person

You might think that a family would have more than enough time to say goodbye to a loved one during their funeral. But oftentimes, they’re so overcome with grief that they don’t get around to doing it properly. A viewing gives a family and others the opportunity to say goodbye to a person who has passed away in a very peaceful setting. Viewings typically feature open caskets so that families can get up close to deceased family members and say whatever they would like to say to them. It can be a very cathartic experience for them.

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To mentally prepare a grieving family for a loved one’s funeral

There is a good reason why so many families end up getting overwhelmed during funerals for their loved ones. They get hit with a wave of different emotions and aren’t able to take them all in at once. By holding a viewing for a loved one, a family can begin to mentally prepare for what’s to come. This way, they won’t feel quite as overwhelmed as they would otherwise while celebrating a loved one’s life during a funeral. It’s great preparation for families who are getting ready to mourn the losses of loved ones.

To surround a grieving family with lots of love and support

In the days following the loss of a loved one, a grieving family can really use all the love and support that they can get. Without this love and support, they’re going to have an awfully tough time healing from a loved one’s loss. A viewing puts a grieving family in the perfect position to get all the love and support that they could ever want and need. This love and support can work wonders for them and make it slightly easier to grieve.

Do you want to make sure that you’re able to plan a viewing as part of a loved one’s Largo, FL funeral services? Our funeral home can make it possible for you to work a viewing into the mix. We can lend a hand to veterans as well as non-veterans at our funeral home. Reach out to us today to make funeral arrangements for a loved one.

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