Why Families Should Plan Private Funerals

Posted June 6, 2022

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When most families are planning funerals for their loved ones at funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL, they’ll choose to make their public affairs. Anyone who would like to attend them is welcome to do it. But every so often, families will opt to plan private funerals for their loved ones. They’ll do it for a variety of different reasons. Here are several of the most common reasons why families will choose to plan private funerals for their loved ones.

To give them a chance to mourn a loved one’s death in peace

When a person’s funeral is public, there might be anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred people present at it. At a funeral like this, it can be very challenging for a person’s loved ones to mourn their loss. If you and your family are concerned about holding a Palm Harbor, FL funeral for a loved one like this, you might want to go ahead and make it private. You can make mourning your loved one’s loss so much easier for your entire family when you take this approach.

To stop family drama from taking a toll on a loved one’s funeral

If you have certain family members that don’t get along, bringing them together in the same place might be a mistake. The family drama could spill into your loved one’s funeral services and take a real toll on them. You can stop this from happening by limiting the number of people who will be present at your loved one’s funeral. You can help to keep the peace at a loved one’s funeral by turning away anyone who might be there to start trouble.

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To keep their loved one’s funeral costs on the lower end of the spectrum

When you and your family decide to hold a private funeral for a loved one, you’ll be able to do it in one of the smaller spaces offered by a funeral home. This will, in turn, help your family to keep your loved one’s funeral costs down. You won’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on your loved one’s funeral by hosting it in a very large space with lots of people in it. Having a private funeral is typically the most budget-friendly option for families.

To prevent the press from gaining access to a loved one’s funeral

Obviously, the vast majority of families won’t have to be concerned about the press showing up at their loved one’s funeral services. But if your loved one led their lives in the public eye, you might have to be wary about who you let into their funeral. If media members are able to gain access to a public funeral, you and your family might not be happy about it. You should prevent reporters from showing up by holding a private funeral instead.

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