Clearwater, FL Funeral & Cremation Services For Veterans

Founded in 2000, Veterans Funeral Care, known as one of the best funeral homes in Clearwater, FL, is the first full service funeral home in America built to serve the veteran and military community as well as non-veterans and their families. Our Clearwater, FL funeral home staff is trained and licensed to assist with every detail of making cremation and funeral arrangements. We apply for all Veterans’ benefits available, social security benefits, apply for life insurance and arrange military honors.

Veterans Funeral Care, a premiere Clearwater, FL cremations and funeral services company, trains and certifies mortuaries and funeral home providers across the country with the highest standard in mind. We have 162 providers representing 34 states, ranging from Alaska in the Northwest down to Florida in the Southeast. VFC-certified providers have the additional training to assist you and your family with all of the documentation and paperwork to assure the timely receipt of your Veterans death benefits, as well as the benefits for eligible family members. These local providers are also available to walk you through service options and take care of the details on behalf of your family.

All of our certified facilities have direct ties with the Armed Forces and are willing to work with your family to make this final tribute to your soldier a true memorial. We offer affordable cremation and burial services to veterans and their spouses across the country. Using our services will typically save your family 40% of the cost of using a traditional funeral firm. Our provider network is made up of licensed funeral directors, many of them veterans themselves.

We are proud to serve veterans and non-veterans alike in and near Clearwater FL. We are a family-owned and operated funeral home. We are diligent and respectful, knowledgeable and resourceful.

To speak with our staff in Clearwater, FL, please call us at (727) 524-9202. We are ready to answer your call anytime of the day.

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Funeral services in Clearwater, FL are unique for each family, depending on the requested traditions and desires for the event. If the deceased was a member of the armed forces, then it is common to consider veteran services to honor the service for our country. At Veterans Funeral Care, we specialize in funeral support for veterans and their families. Contact us to learn about your options for funeral home and cremation service in Clearwater, FL.

Why choose a Clearwater, FL funeral service provider that specializes in veterans service? At Veterans Funeral Care, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your family’s event includes all the details needed to execute the final disposition of your loved one. For example, we offer a “retired flag” for every veteran, giving the family a token of our appreciation for their years of service. Additionally, quality services are also offered for non-veteran families from all walks of life.

Funeral and Cremation Services in Clearwater, FL

What is the best way to design a Clearwater FL funeral or cremation service for your loved one? Funerals can be difficult and stressful, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your budget. We have affordable solutions for every family’s needs at our funeral home in Clearwater, FL. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss the various options available to suit your preferences so don’t wait any longer – call now!

It is essential that you consider family traditions when choosing a Clearwater FL funeral homes service. This event is designed to pay respects to the deceased. But, more importantly, it is a time for families to meet and discuss the memories that were shared throughout the years. Funeral services bring closure in the grief, giving families a way to find healing after losing a loved one.

Our funeral home has a variety of services to fit your family’s needs. We promise the highest levels of care for every step in planning, from pre-planning arrangements and making sure everything is taken care of quickly when necessary.

At Veterans Funeral Care, a premiere funeral service provider in Clearwater, FL, has an outstanding staff that offers more than event planning support. We oversee all details that happen behind the scenes, including authorizations, documentation, and paperwork. We are a full-service provider to ensure the highest levels of care for your loved ones.

Cremation or Traditional Funeral in Clearwater FL?

What is the right way to proceed with the funeral services in Clearwater, FL? A traditional funeral often includes an event, viewing, and graveside service if desired by the family. You have the opportunity to design a program that highlights the personality of the deceased, including music, speakers, and other presentations as desired. Our team assists with all of the coordination and planning to lighten your burden during this difficult time.

When you’re choosing a funeral service, it’s important to consider how the person will be laid to rest. Traditional funerals are often paired with cemetery burial but for those who would prefer cremation instead, there are many options available such as placing them in an urn or scattering their ashes at sea are among some of the popular choices.

Our funeral home in Clearwater, FL has an on-site crematory to provide optimal care for your loved one. Additionally, transportation is provided to simplify the process of moving the deceased to our funeral home.
Cremation is a beautiful way to say goodbye, which provides the family with flexibility in choosing where they want their loved one’s final resting place. The cremated remains can be placed in an urn and buried at home or put into your burial plot if you prefer not to have them scattered; there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong choice for end-of-life services.

Caring Clearwater FL Funeral Services from a Trusted Provider

Ultimately, our goal at Veterans Funeral Care is to provide the specific services that are a perfect fit for the needs of your family. We dedicate the time needed to learn more about your traditions and requests for the event.

You will see that our Clearwater funeral services team provides full transparency with the pricing for funeral home and cremation support in Clearwater, FL. We have detailed packages listed on our website, making it easy for you to select the service that fits your preferences. We recognize that families with a tight budget need a way to say goodbye without breaking the bank. So, our affordable funeral packages give you options regarding the specific details of the event and how the person is laid to rest.

Consultation with a Funeral Director at Veterans Funeral Care

If you are planning a funeral, call our experienced team today and we will help walk you through the process. We offer pre-planning services and can quickly prepare for last minute events as well. Our schedule is flexible to meet your needs – we’ll provide personalized support at every phase of the journey so that no detail goes overlooked or forgotten!

If you would like to learn more about funeral and cremation planning or services in Clearwater, FL, then contact us at Veterans Funeral Care. Our funeral home is conveniently located at 830 N Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33765. Call our office to schedule a time to talk to our funeral planning staff: (727) 524-9202.


Funeral and Cremation FAQs

My husband is a veteran and wants to be buried in our National Cemetery. Can I be buried with him?

Yes. The veteran and the spouse are entitled to two (2) graves, or niche spaces for cremation urns, a double marker, outer burial containers (vaults), opening and closing and perpetual care in any veteran’s cemetery in the country.

How are Social Security and Veterans’ benefits handled?

We notify both agencies. Social Security pays a lump sum death benefit of $255 directly to the spouse. Veterans receive cash benefits based on disability or other requirements.

We prefer cremation. Do you provide cremation services?

Yes. We have a crematory on the premises. Check out our cremation service page for more info.

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