Doug was born and raised in Youngstown Ohio, the a son of a Vietnam Army Veteran. He comes from a military family background where both his grandfathers served during World War Two, along with many other uncles, and cousins who served in all branches of the military. He relocated to Florida in 2015, and became a Licensed Pre-Need Specialist in 2020.  Prior to moving to Florida his background was in early childhood education. Doug is very proud to be a part of the Veterans Funeral Care team, and honored to help all veterans and their families pre-plan their final wishes.  His goal is to educate as many veterans and their spouses on their veterans benefits that they are entitled to and earned as he can.  Doug is very passionate when it comes to helping families reach peace of mind knowing that all of their arrangements are taken care of and not leaving those hard decisions up to their children or other family members.  Doug enjoys being in the outdoors on the beach, golf course, bicycle trails, fishing and spending time with family and friends.  He also has a passion for music, baseball, football, cooking and enjoys traveling where his goal is to visit all 50 states in the country. 

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