Burial Benefits for Veterans: What You Need to Know

Posted March 21, 2023

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As a way of showing appreciation for the service of veterans, various burial benefits are provided after their passing. These benefits range from providing free burial in a national cemetery to providing a headstone and a flag to be draped over the casket. If you’re a veteran or have a loved one who served in the military, it’s important to know what benefits are available and how to access them. Funeral homes in Palm Harbor, FL, can provide you with the information you need to ensure that your loved one receives the proper honors and recognition they deserve for their service. Read on to have a glimpse and overview of the burial benefits available to veterans and how you can apply for them.

Military Honors

Regardless of the deceased’s rank or branch of service, military honors are available and can be provided to anyone who rendered their service when they were living. Aside from a flag-draped casket, the military honors include a rifle salute and the playing of Taps. An honor guard made up of at least two members of the Armed Forces, with at least one member being from the veteran’s branch of service, is responsible for performing the said honors for the departed veteran.

Burial in a National Cemetery

Veterans are eligible for burial in a national cemetery, including a grave marker, at no cost to the family. Under this benefit, the grave site, grave liner, as well as opening and opening of the grave are provided. However, any additional expense must be shouldered by the family of the passed veteran. These additional expenses may include the transportation of the remains to the cemetery, funeral home expenses, or the cost of a headstone or marker for non-national cemeteries.

Presidential Memorial Certificatesfuneral homes in Palm Harbor FL 1 200x300

As a way of honoring the service rendered by the veteran, presidential memorial certificates are given to the next kin of the deceased. The certificate bears the name of the veteran and the signature of the President of the United States. The certificate is available to the next of kin regardless of the veteran’s rank or branch of service.

Applying for These Benefits

To apply for burial benefits for veterans, you must first obtain legal files, such as the veteran’s discharge papers (DD-214 form). After acquiring the needed documentation, you can apply for the benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or through your funeral home. You may also choose to apply through their online application for burial benefits, which allows you to submit the necessary documentation and receive a response from the VA in a timely manner. If you prefer to apply through your funeral home, the funeral director can assist you with the process and ensure that all necessary documentation is provided to the VA. It is important to note that the application process can take several weeks, so it is recommended to start the process as early as possible.

If you need help applying for these benefits or want to learn more about the services offered, contact a reputable funeral home in Palm Harbor, FL, that specializes in veteran funerals. They can provide guidance and assistance throughout the process, ensuring that your loved one receives the honor and recognition they deserve. Visit our site if you want to learn more.

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