How to Choose the Right Cemetery for a Loved One’s Burial

Posted November 1, 2021


Is your family going to bury a loved one as opposed to cremating them? If you are, you should give some thought to which cemetery that you want to bury them in prior to working with one of the funeral homes in Clearwater, FL. The funeral home that you choose can, of course, assist you in picking out a cemetery for your loved one’s burial services if you would like. But it would be worth doing some digging around on your own to see which cemeteries might be your best options. Check out how to go about choosing the right cemetery for a loved one’s burial below.

Decide which general location you want for a cemetery to be located in

Once you have a loved one buried in a cemetery following their Clearwater, FL funeral services, you’re probably going to visit their gravesite every so often. With this in mind, you’ll want the cemetery that you choose to be in a location that’s convenient for you and your family. It’s why you should kickstart your search for a cemetery by honing in on which location you want to choose. You should consider a few different general locations before landing on the one that you like the best.

Look around at some of the cemeteries situated in your preferred location.

Once you have some idea as to where you want a cemetery to be located, you should begin to see which cemeteries are situated in that location. There are likely going to be at least a few options that you and your family can think about going with. You should compile a list of all the cemeteries in that location and look into each of them further. You should find out as much as you can about them and then start to narrow down your list based on what you’re able to learn.

Pay close attention to which cemeteries are maintained the best.

After you have a running list of the cemeteries in your preferred location, you should try to visit each one of them so that you can look around at them a little bit. When you do, you should pay extra close attention to which cemeteries seem as though they’re being maintained the best. You don’t ever want to bury a loved one in a cemetery that isn’t maintained in the way that it should be. It’ll frustrate you to no end every single time that you visit it if you’re constantly seeing a lack of maintenance going on.

Consider going with a national cemetery if your loved one was a veteran.

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Did your loved one spend time serving in the military at some point in their lives? If they did, there is a very good chance that they will qualify to be buried in a national cemetery. You should look at some of the national cemeteries that exist in your preferred area and pick the one that you want to bury your loved one in.

The funeral home that you work with should be able to help to spell out your options and show you how to obtain a burial plot for your loved one in the cemetery that you want to choose.  Choosing a cemetery for a loved one can be challenging in many cases. It can be especially challenging for those military families looking to bury veterans. Veterans Funeral Care is a Clearwater, FL funeral home that can assist both veterans and non-veterans with finding cemeteries. Call us to see what we can do to help you and your family.

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