How to Plan Funerals Without Visiting Funeral Homes

Posted August 1, 2022

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If you and your family can swing it, you should try to visit one of the funeral homes in Clearwater, FL in order to make funeral arrangements for a loved one. But if you aren’t able to physically go to a funeral home to start the funeral planning process for one reason or another, there are also a whole host of other ways in which you can put funeral plans into place. Continue reading to learn about some of the options that you’ll have when it comes to planning funerals without visiting funeral homes.

See if you can plan a funeral online through a funeral home’s website.

Just about every Clearwater, FL funeral home has a website these days. And many of them will make it possible for you to plan a funeral right online through their site if you would like. You’ll be able to come up with funeral plans for a loved one right from the comfort of your own couch. By doing this, you’ll give your family more time and space to make all the important decisions that will need to be made when you’re making funeral arrangements.

Call a funeral home on the phone to plan a funeral.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of planning a funeral through a funeral home’s website, another good option that you’ll have is calling a funeral home on the phone to get the ball rolling on the funeral planning process. Most funeral homes will have funeral directors who can assist you with making funeral arrangements right over the phone. You will need to work hard to keep track of all the decisions you’re making when planning a funeral over the phone. But it is possible to do it when you have the right funeral home on your side.

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Email a funeral home to go through funeral planning.

If you want to be able to keep tabs on the funeral planning process by getting everything down in writing, one other way that you can plan a funeral from home is by utilizing email. You can email a funeral home your funeral plans and let them handle it from there. Just make sure that you work exclusively with a funeral home that is going to be able to respond to you quickly via email. It’ll make planning a funeral over email a much easier process overall.

Zoom with someone from a funeral home to plan a funeral.

One of the few good things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is that most people are now familiar with how to use Zoom. Zoom can be a great tool for those who want to go through the funeral planning process from home. You can jump on Zoom with a funeral director and let them walk you through the process. You’ll feel almost like you’re still in the same room as them when you take this approach. You should give some thought to utilizing Zoom for funeral planning purposes for this very reason.

Would your family prefer to plan Clearwater, FL funeral services from home versus doing it in person? Our funeral home can make this possible for you. We can assist both veteran and non-veteran families. Call us to talk to a funeral director about our funeral services.

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