How to Transfer Ashes Into the Urn

Posted December 12, 2022

Largo, FL, cremation services

After the body of your deceased loved one has been cremated in Largo, FL, cremation services, deciding what to do after, can be challenging. Whether you want the ashes to be scattered or gathered in an urn, it is important to have an insight into the details of the cremation. Most of the time, the ashes are handled by the person in charge at the funeral home or crematorium. The cremated remains will be safely transferred to the urn by the funeral home, especially if the urn was bought from them. On rare occasions, families request to transfer the ashes to the urn themselves. If you have been given the task of transferring ashes to an urn, here is a short guide on how to do it properly.

Prepare Your Working Area

Before anything else, it is highly necessary for you to prepare a stable working space, which may be at a flat tabletop or a stable counter. Make sure your working area is free from any obstacles or possible obstructions that will interfere with the transfer. To avoid any unnecessary falls or mess, you may place a newspaper on the top of your chosen working area to catch any cremains that may fall during the transfer.

Open the Urn

If you are transferring the ashes from an old temporary urn to your new permanent one, then you will need to open both urns. The locks that are common among urns are usually folded, clasped, or snap closure. However, not all urns are similar, so it is better for you to ask if the closure of the urn may be quite different from the regular ones.

Transferring the Ashes

In transferring the ashes, you may choose to pick up the bag containing the ashes and directly put it in the urn. Most of the time, urns that have larger openings allow this type of transfer. Some cases would require you to transfer the ashes from your old bag to another. If that is the case, you may want to use a large funnel to avoid any spillage of the ash. With the use of a funnel, you may carefully transfer and pour the bag of cremated ashes into the new bag before placing the new bag inside the urn.

Close and Seal the UrnLargo FL cremation services 1 200x300

After successfully transferring the ashes from one bag to another or from one urn to another, you must close and seal the urn. In sealing the urn, you may use a small amount of household caulk around the mouth of the lid. Glue is not recommended by professionals. However, if your urn has built-in locks or closures, then there is no need to use household caulk unless you want it to be extra-sealed.

Honoring the memories of your loved one after getting cremated at Largo, FL, cremation services can give you peace of mind knowing they are in their resting place. Deciding on these small details, up to the person who gets to transfer the ashes, can affect the whole thing. Talk to the whole family and consider the factors before making a final decision.

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