Is Cremation More Practical Than a Traditional Burial?

Posted February 13, 2023

Largo, FL, cremation services

The debate on which type of memorial arrangement, cremation vs. burial, can be considered a better option has been going on for years. Although Largo, FL, cremation services have peaked in popularity over the years, a lot of people still hesitate about whether they should choose cremation as their preferred memorial arrangement. You may still find yourself struggling to decide what you want to happen and how you want your body to be settled when you pass away. If you are currently toiling about whether you want your body to be cremated or traditionally buried, you have come to the right place. We will discuss below some of the practical benefits of cremating your body after passing away that can help you determine the suitable option for you.

Cremation Offers a More Flexible Approach

When you bury a body in a traditional way, you may choose between burying the body underground or having the coffin of the deceased placed in a mausoleum. With cremation, you have lots of available options on what to do with the cremated ashes after the cremation process. You can choose to bury the urn containing the ashes, keep the jar in your home, have the ashes made into pieces of jewelry that you can wear anytime, or even scatter the ashes in a place that holds a special meaning for the departed dead. These are only some of the ideas you can do with the cremated ashes.

Cremation Appears to be More Environment Friendly Than Traditional Burial

If saving the environment is included among your priorities when making a burial decision, then cremation may be the right option for you. Aside from taking up a larger space than an urn, burying a casket is considered to be a sort of disturbance to the Earth. You may be wondering about the gas emissions from the cremation process. Fortunately, the innovation of technology has allowed the development of crematorium site chambers that reduce the environmental impact and pollution brought by cremation. Generally, cremation still appears to be the greener option for memorial arrangements.

Traditional Burial may be More Costly Than CremationLargo FL cremation services 1

Even though the pricing for funeral services, cremation, and memorial arrangements vary depending on the funeral home, cremation may be less costly than a traditional burial. Since availing of a cremation service does not require purchasing additional items, such as a casket, headstone, etc., the cost of cremation may be cheaper than the traditional burial. If you are on a budget, you may choose direct cremation, so you do not overspend by mistake when transacting for a cremation service.

Concluding that Largo, FL, cremation services are a better option than traditional burying of the body still depends on your personal preference. People take a lot of time pondering what they want to do with their bodies when they pass away. From the potential costs to environmental sustainability, there are lots of factors to consider before finally deciding on a burial arrangement for your body. If you want to know more about funeral and cremation services, get in contact with us as soon as you are available.

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