Is it Necessary to Have a Public Viewing Before Burial?

Posted November 28, 2022

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Holding a public viewing for a deceased loved one has been a common practice in most cultures and religions. For most families, it can be a tough decision to decide on, especially if the family is going through a solemn moment. Public viewing is more common among families that did not opt to have the body of their loved ones cremated. However, public viewing is also an option for those who have decided on cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL. Regardless of the chosen manner, holding a public viewing is still purely a personal choice. If you still feel undecided about whether to have a public viewing or not for your loved one, have these reasons listed below on why you may consider public viewing.

Public Viewing may Help Provide Closure for the Bereaved Family

Most families find it tough to move on from a family member’s death unless they get to bid them goodbye, especially in terms of the emotional aspect. Holding a public viewing before burying the body or ash remains may help them get the sense of closure they need. The physical presence that is viewed through public viewing can stand as a final goodbye for those family members, or even close friends, who are not able to move on. Witnessing the final moments of the body or cremated ash can be a crucial factor in conveying closure, especially to the traumatic circumstance of death. The farewell ceremony through public viewing can provide a vital moment of closure.

To Honor the Wishes of the Deceased

Some people give out clear instructions regarding the funeral arrangements they wish to have, even on the matter of public viewing. In this case, you may opt to have a public viewing for the departed loved one to honor their wishes. Make sure to talk about the plans as a family to make any necessary clarifications with regard to the possible instructions indicated on the departed’s final wishes on the type of service they want. Take these wishes and requests into consideration when you talk to your chosen funeral home about the funeral arrangements, the kind of funeral service to be held, memorial ceremonies, burial plans, as well as public viewing. On the occasion that public viewing may not be recommended by the funeral home, adjustments can be made. You may make compromises with the funeral home to arrive at the best possible public viewing arrangements for your loved one.

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The Choice Depends on you

Among the long list of decisions you have to make when making arrangements with funeral homes that offer either cremation services in Palm Harbor, FL, or not is public viewing. The important thing to remember is holding a public viewing is not necessary and should be a deeply personal choice. Having a solemn talk with the members of the bereaved family should be strongly considered before making a final decision. If you are planning a funeral arrangement for your loved one and wish to further discuss the matter in public viewing, then feel free to give us a call. We are more than willing to help you.

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