Understanding the Differences Between the Types of Cremation Services

Posted October 10, 2022

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While the traditional means of burial in which the whole body of the deceased gets buried is still practiced today, cremation has become the new tradition of other people. The majority of people nowadays opt to have their bodies cremated after death. No matter what the chosen burial method is, there are always a few options the deceased’s family members get to choose from. If you find want to learn more about planning cremation and the types of cremation services, then you may take note of the following Largo, FL cremation services. 

Simple Cremation 

People who plan to settle on direct cremations, also known as the simple form of creation, may choose simple cremation. In this type of cremation service, no ceremonies and services are held for the deceased. One of the main reasons why people are leaning towards this option is the freedom to hold a more intimate farewell to their loved ones at an affordable cost. 

Cremation with a Final Goodbye 

Almost similar to the previous one, this type of cremation service gives the immediate family of the deceased private time to bid their respective farewell and offer any final token of remembrance or keepsakes no more than 48 hours after the time of death. Family members who want to spend a little bit more time with their deceased loved one while still maintaining an intimate moment may select this option. 

Cremation with Memorial Service to Follow 

A memorial service or ceremony with the cremains of the deceased present is held in this type of cremation service. After the remains have been cremated, the family will hold a service to honor the memory of their deceased loved one. The cremation process typically takes place around one to two days after the death, and the memorial service shall come about after the whole process. 

Largo FL cremation services

Funeral and Open Casket Viewing with Cremation to Follow 

A traditional memorial service with an open casket viewing is held during this type of cremation service, where the cremation takes place after the period of memorial service. Family members who wish to give their close friends and other relatives a chance to view and visit the body of the deceased yet still want to cremate the remains often choose this type of cremation service. The family members usually decide on a special cremation casket that will be used during the traditional funeral service. Afterward, the body is cremated, and the cremains is given to the family. 

Choosing a funeral arrangement to honor your loved one who passed away may be a difficult decision to make. If you have queries or want to inquire about cremation services in Largo, FL, we are here for you. For several years now, our funeral home has been rendering services to both veterans and non-veterans. Visit us now at Largo, FL so we can help you out. For more information about the cremation services we offer our clients, you may want to visit our website to learn more. 

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