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Elizabeth Ann Faber

Family Tribute To Our Sister , Liz

Elizabeth Ann Faber,  a loving daughter, and our dear sister passed away, peacefully, on August, 22, 2017 at the Empath Hospice Center, Palm Harbor, FL.  She was sixty (60) years of age.

Elizabeth was born on November 21, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan, being the second oldest of four children to Florian and Maria Palenicek (Dobrovodsky). Both parents have since passed after residing in FL. Her surviving siblings are Suzanne of IL, John of MD and Frances of FL.  She is also survived by nieces, Mara, Kelley and Carie and nephews David, Andrew, Nathan, Matthew, Stefan and Roberto including several grand nieces and nephews.

Elizabeth was a widow upon her passing having been married  for ten (10) years  to Lawrence R. Faber, a retired Air Force veteran who passed away in 1996. She resided in her Tampa home for the last twenty-two (22) years along with her beloved dog and cats. She was an avid pet lover and supporter of shelter animals. She fostered and raised two (2) abused greyhounds as her love for animals was unbound.

Her working life included clerical medical assistant after high school graduation, office assistant, private investigator, security guard and later in life grocery handler for 8 years at Publix.

Elizabeth was of strong heart and mind after her severe auto accident in July of 2016 leaving her paralyzed from the neck down.  All during her convalescence this past year she tried with all her might to communicate with a smile and whisper to her family.

Suzanne’s thoughts about Liz:

As a little girl, when I used to babysit my siblings, I will always remember Liz for her bright smile, toothy grin and beautiful brown eyes and long dark lashes.

As a young woman, I will always remember Liz for her persistence in following through on her medical and psychological issues. She wanted to stay well and lead a balanced life – as challenging as it was – she persisted with strength and independence.

As a friend and companion when I lived in FL for eleven (11) years, I will always remember Liz for her love of  Shrimp with Alfredo Sauce and Sangria at the Ballyhoo restaurant on Gunn Hwy.

All in all, I remember Liz for my closeness to her as the big sister – teaching her to ride a bike and her trusting me to do it! Helping her with her math homework in grade school when both of us got frustrated but did not give up, taking her clothes shopping or to the medical doctor when she could not drive anymore. We were close in many ways.

As Mom said to me several years ago  – “Take care of Liz. ”

She was a special daughter to our parents, Florian and Maria. They knew she would need a guiding hand throughout her life. Our family provided her one and Liz provided our family with togetherness and deep love.

Frances’s thoughts about Liz: 

Our sister, Aunt, friend, Elizabeth left this world having done her part to improve it. This I know in my heart, because the world has changed. Always quick with a joke, her words might surprise us…but her heart was asking us: why be so serious? From this we learned to loosen up. Liz challenged us to question ourselves. How to deal with our own fears and our own prejudices. Over the years she loved and sustained her pets, most especially her greyhounds and her cats. She had a powerful desire to achieve her place in this world and she worked mightily towards it. She lived her life her way, with her very own brand of vibrance and vigor. Our sister, Aunt, friend, Elizabeth made a big and meaningful mark on our lives. Through times both good and bad, Liz left seeds for us which will grow and fruit for many years to come. For this we’ll be eternally grateful.

John’s thoughts about Liz:

I’ll remember my older sister, Liz, as a free spirit – chasing her next dream or opportunity.  She was  both tenacious and single minded when in pursuit and willing to (at times) to give up her own comforts to achieve her goal – as when she moved to FL to become more independent and self sufficient.   She, too, had a gentler side especially when taking care of her MANY dogs and cats over the years.  She was a ‘real’ animal lover and considered them her children in a very real way.    Liz suffered from various mental health problems during her lifetime which complicated her relations with others and often left her isolated and alone.  Regardless, she was able to enjoy and find comfort in her two marriages and the friends and family members that were part of her daily life.  I will miss her personality, the warmth and free spiritedness that she brought at times to family events,  and her important the important role as one of my loving sisters in the ‘Palenicek’ family.  Liz, I will carry the best parts of you in my heart, forever – promise.

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  • Kelley says:

    I will always remember my aunt for her love of animals and the great joy they brought to her life. Our family takes solace in her peaceful passing. The last year of her life was by far the hardest for her and it brought us great sadness to see her suffer. We take comfort in knowing she has been reunited with her parents in Heaven.