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Doris Pomorski


My mom was always there for me.

When I was little, she sat me on her lap and read stories to me.

She played card games and put together puzzles with me.

She let me help her in the kitchen: making cookies, baking bread, pies etc.

She never minded having me underfoot and never made me feel that I was in the way.

She sewed so many beautiful dresses for me, Halloween costumes and even

handmade my Communion dress.

She walked me to school when I was young and drove me to school if the weather was bad.

When I was sick, she would sit by side and stay up all night with me if need be

putting cold cloths on my head and giving me medication.

When I was older, she was always there to listen but never to judge.

When I had my son Eric and she came to see me in the hospital, I asked if she had seen him

in the nursery yet , she said no that she came to see me “her baby” first.

When she became ill in her last years, I became her caretaker, preparing her food, giving her medications,

and trying to make her comfortable.

I only hope that I did as good of a job taking care of her as she did for me.

I know that she is now in heaven with her mom and dad, Mary Ellen and my son, Eric.

I love you and miss you with all of my heart, Mom.

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