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Lennie D. Luncan-US Army Veteran-

Lennie Luncan 73 of Port Charlotte Florida died peacefully on November 5, 2022 at the BayPines veterans hospital in St. Petersburg Florida Lennie had been living with A progressing COPD condition for a number of years.
Lennie was born June 8th 1949 in Reading Ohio to Noreen and Nelson Luncan.  Lennie was the eighth child born to a loving family that eventually had 16 children in total.  As a child he was always outside, and could be found playing with his siblings in the woods surrounding their family home.
after high school Lennie joined the United States Army when he worked in communications and served from 1967 to 1971. Lennie received a Purple Heart Medal of Honor while serving his  country in the Vietnam war.
 When Lennie returned home from the military he worked in printing for a number of years before he  moved to Port Charlotte, Florida in the 80s. Lennie Spent a number of years working alongside his brother and close friends doing stucco and carpentry work around Charlotte County and Boca Grande.
Lennie eventually moved into the families water front home in Charlotte Harbor where he was able to enjoy all of his favorite hobbies.  You would find him behind the house fishing in the evenings or lost in his garden of exotic tropical plants.  Lennie also had a love for Photography his favorite subjects were the sunset skies of Charlotte harbor, especially behind the house on Bayshore Road,  and photos of his friends and family.
Lennie met the mother of his child and the woman he would eventually marry, Shelia Sexton,in 1987.  Lennie and Shelia became parents in 1988 to their daughter Shelia Lynn.  After a decade of living at the family’s beach house and caring for his daughter Shelia Luncan and stepson David James he eventually moved into town, after buying a home for himself.
 Lennie was the friend you could come to if you needed an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. Lennie loved his friends and family, he never judged people and always looked for the best in them.  As a Christian man he believed it was God‘s Job to judge people and his job to love them unconditionally. Lennie was a night owl that loved playing cards and meaningful talks about philosophy, spirituality, and the world at large.  He was a deep thinker and active daydreamer. He was an  open minded person that believed in furthering education and found joy in  knowing that you could learn something new every day.
Lennie  and Sheila were eventually married in 2010. Lenny spent the last portion of his days enjoying the retired life of leisure along side his wife Shelia Renee, daughter Shelia Lynn, and stepchildren Cameron and David James, and his grandchildren Summer Q,  Madeline P ,and Jace P.
Lennie was a family man that  will be remember for his huge heart and bright smile!  His loved ones will forever Cherish  the memories they have shared with him.
Full military honors will be 2:30 PM, December 9, 2022 at the Bay Pines VA National Cemetery, 10000  Bay Pines Blvd., Bay Pines, Florida 33744 with the US Army and American Legion Post 273 conducting the services.

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