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Nicomedes “Nick” Nieves, Jr.

Nicomedes “Nick” Nieves Jr., 89, of Dunedin, Florida, formerly of St. Petersburg, Florida, passed away on June 30, 2018. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 23, 1928 to Nicomedes Nieves Sr. and Cruz Rosario.

Nick served his country in the United States Navy. He then worked for the United States Post Office and later the Pinellas County School System. He was an avid reader, loved music of his era and was a lover of sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football and Horse Racing, to name a few. He was blessed with a brilliant mind and a gentle soul.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Nicomedes and Cruz Nieves; sister, Belen Miranda of Staten Island, New York and brother, Philip Nieves of Palm Springs, California.

He is survived by his son, Gerard Dennis Nieves, wife Lizet Rayside and grandson, Ethan Peter of Malverne, New York; grandson Ricardo Sam Nieves, wife Sarah and great-granddaughter, Chirstian Laelle of North Miami, Florida. Nephew, Michael Miranda of Oldsmar, Florida; nieces, Mildred Miranda and Margaret Hanrahan , husband Kenny and daughter Celina of Staten Island, New York and Nicolle Nieves Rider, husband Alex of Seffner, Florida. Sister, Mildred Figueroa and late husband, Frank of Tampa, Florida; brother-in-law, Celedonio Miranda of Staten Island, New York; brothers, Mark Nieves, wife Kathleen of St. Petersburg, Florida and Jesse Nieves and wife Mary of Brunswick, Georgia.

He will be interred with Military Honors at 11:00AM on Friday, August 31 at Bay Pines National Cemetery, 10000Bay Pines Blvd., Bay Pines, Florida 33708.

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  • Millie Miranda says:

    Uncle Nicky, I know that you’re with Pop, Mary, Mommy, Uncle Phil and the rest of the Rosario/Nieves family now and I truly believe we will all see each other again someday. I will always have those fond memories of you taking us out to the ball games when we were kids and enjoying the train ride on the # 7 line to Shea Stadium. You even took us early so we could watch batting practice and at the same time try to get some autographs from the ball players. When I couldn’t get Jerry Grote’s autograph because he wouldn’t come over to the fans, you got mad and called him a sour puss because you knew he disappointed me! LOL! But because of you, Margie was able to get Felix Millan’s autograph twice in that same day. It was because of you that I still hold those dear and funny memories in my mind and in my heart. I miss you Nicky, but I know you’re in a much better place. Until we meet again, I will forever hold you near and dear to my heart. Love ya always, Lil’ Millie

  • Millie (Mojica) Beyers says:

    That picture of Nicky is exactly how I will always remember him. I too have those ball game memories going with Millie, Margie and Dennis. Sitting in the nose bleed section all the way up high. But as a kid, it was great, that view. And getting ice cream in those little blue plastic met caps and making a mess. I will always remember his chuckle. I don’t think I have ever seen him angry, moody, or mean. He truly was one of a kind. I also think of Nicky when I see an old transistor radio. How he would have it tuned into the ball game, and Lottery tickets. Ah good times. I wish simpler times like those still existed. Nicky, may you Rest In Peace. Love you Millie#2

  • Marieluz says:

    Sorry for your lost. Keeping the Nieves family in my prayers.

  • Mark Nieves says:

    Nicky, our journey as brothers on this earth has sadly come to an end. You left me behind because you had to begin a new chapter in your life which did not include me at this time. You have begun your journey in Heaven where you will be welcomed by the loved ones who preceded you. When you reach those pearly gates you will be greeted by your dear mother Cruz, Pop, Belen, Maria, Phil, Alicia, Jessica, and many other who were part of your life here on earth. The ones left behind like myself and many others have wonderful memories you left behind in our hearts and minds to carry us the rest of the way in completing our journey. Your legacy here on earth was the man who treated all kids with kindness and who made their lives happy by entertaining them with things they wanted to do or see, including adults also. My life wasn’t that great growing up in Brooklyn as a kid but you always found the time to make me happy and making my dreams come true. Each one of us owes you a ton of gratitude for what you did to make us happy as kids and later as adults. You and I had a close bond because we loved each other as brothers, we had something special. Before Jesse was born you always took good care of Phil and myself with your kindness and giving ways. I will always remember you coming home from Bermuda and bringing us T-shirts with the beautiful landscape of that Island, I being 5 and Phil being 2. You taking me as your son with the Post Office to see the new expansion New York Mets in 1962,1963,1964 at the Polo Grounds. You took me to see the New York Yankees in the Bronx to see Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. You took me to the old Madison Square Garden to see the Rangers play and later to the new Garden to see the Knicks. You took me to see Secretariat my favorite horse at Belmont Park. Harness racing at Yonkers, Meadowlands and Roosevelt Parkway. Taking me to see our cousin David play in night clubs with his band. Taking me to the Movies, Freedom land Amusement Park, Prospect Park and bus rides to South Jersey. You always made sure I had a coke, candy bar or an Egg Cream Soda at Nick’s Soda Fountain Candy Store down the street. You always gave me change to buy an Italian Ice or Ice cream when the Horse and Buggy would come down our street every Saturday. We had a good Father, but you were the one who gave us joy and happiness when it counted most in one’s life. You made our dreams come true. Nicky, you and Belen were the joy of my life growing up and into adulthood. You both gave me such love and happiness in which I would otherwise never had. You filled my life with hope, love and compassion. I thank you both for being my guardian Angels all my life. I had wishes and you two made them come true, what a blessing. When my journey ends here on earth I look forward to picking up where we left off being with you, Belen and the rest of the gang. Thanks for the wonderful memories you bestowed upon me as my older brother. Love you from the bottom of my heart, your bother Mark.

  • Aida L. Montero says:

    What I remember about Nick is the warm smile displayed in this beautiful photo. It was that smile that always greeted my sisters and I when we visited our cousins as kids. I am indebted to Nick because unbeknownst to him I learned the joy of getting lost in a book by sneaking into his room and picking up his paperbacks. I can recall a time he was out and I laid in his bed reading Two Women, not quite a recommended reading for an 11 year old but oh how I rushed turning every page with the excitement of finishing before getting caught. Nick for treating us kids like we mattered and for nurturing a love of reading I remember you and wish you peaceful rest in the loving arms of the one who taught you to walk gently on earth.

  • Jesse Nieves says:

    Nicky, Although you I shared the widest gap in age range of all the Nieves brothers and sisters, you always took time to take me to events and outings my parents were unable or couldn’t afford to do. Like during a summer trip to New York when you took me to Coney Island. I remember we stopped at a bar where you bought me a coke. Unfortunately, the soda was bad and made me ill but there was no way I would miss going to Coney Island. You took me on the Wonder Wheel and got us on a movable car that swung from one side of the ride to the other. This only further aggravated my upset stomach but I was going to stick it out. This was Coney island for goodness sake. Then, it was off to the bumper cars. While I did my best to avoid hitting other people and prevent my stomach from further pain, you grabbed the wheel and started hitting everyone in sight. Eventually, you rear-ended a woman. You hit her so hard her wig flew off and was run over by another car. We were laughing so hard it almost made me forget about my stomach pain. There was the time you drove Phil, Mikey and me to Disney World after the park had first opened. After a long day at the Magic Kingdom, we were exhausted but you made the two-hour drive back to Pop’s house without incident. I remember you drove my parents to Hoyt Field so they could watch me play baseball. It was one of the few times in my life my father actually saw me play. Who could forget when you took Dennis and me to see the New York Mets play the Philadelphia Phillies at Shea Stadium. I got to see Willie Mays, Bud Harrelson, Tom Seaver, Tug McGraw, Cleon Jones, Yogi Berra, Tim McCarver, Larry Bowa and Mike Schmidt all on the same day. We also saw some some Mets fans get into a fight that ended with us getting sprayed by ice tea, soda and beer. You may have not thought those events were important but to the youngest member of the Nieves family they provided memories that have lasted a lifetime. Thank you Nicky, We are all going to miss you.