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“No man is a failure, who has friends.” [1947 Film: It’s a Wonderful Life}

At St. Anthony’s Hospital, on October 22, 2023, at 1:58 P.M., Bob’s family released him to God, at the age of 98, to join his beloved wife Georjean and his daughter Gail, as well as other cherished, deceased family members waiting to receive him, Home.

Mr. Bob:
Patriarch of the Schueler extended family.
Born on April 2, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois, to mother Minnie Weinberg and father Carl Louis Schueler.

A man who believed in the almighty God and Eternity, with death a mere transition to new and
wonderful beginnings
A charismatic man with depth, substance, fortitude, and honor
A fun, sun loving guy, resilient and optimistic, who never took life too seriously, and each day a gift
A teaser, with an infectious smile, who called Georjean “Sparky” and “Flash,” for laughter his therapy
A loving, caring husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather (Ops), and great grandfather (Great Ops)
A devoted husband, married to Georjean 70 + years, and caring solely for her for 7 + years
A man who adored his sister, nephews, and nieces, visiting at Easter and other opportune occasions
A willingly surrogate father and grandfather, to those cherished and in need
A pampering possessor of five dogs Schatzi, Fritzel, Pepe, Sheba and Mattie plus Miki the cat
A man with a strong work ethic, who early on sold magazines and carried wood for a wood fired bakery
A true and generous friend who engaged with people from all walks of life
A humble and honest man, interpersonally gifted, who listened with dignity and respect for all
A master of kind gestures, who always took note of people’s names and their pets
A natural instructor and trainer, who taught others enthusiastically in all subjects and matters of interest
A savvy, astute business man, who loved computers, investing, and outer space expeditions
A talented banjo player, who relished Dixieland music, impromptu jamming, and singing with others
A man who loved music so much; sing-a-longs were the mainstay of family and holiday gatherings.
A creative portrait photographer, who had an eye for all things beautiful, especially in nature
A witty, engaging writer of Christmas card jingles and his life story
A lover of the sea, sailing, and cruising, and a most trusted, skipper, helmsman, and shipmate
A patriotic, proud American, who served in World War II as a radioman aboard an escort carrier
A shining light creating a brighter place for all who knew him

Upon learning of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Bob enlisted into the U.S. Navy on November 22, 1942, at the young age of 17, with his father’s permission. After completing his training as a radioman in Farragut, Idaho, he was assigned to the newly commissioned escort carrier, The USS Midway, CVE63/VC65.

After serving in 3 major battles throughout the South Pacific, the ship joined task force 77.4.3 (Taffy3), and headed for Leyte Gulf in the Philippines to support military landings. Two weeks earlier, the USS Midway was renamed the USS St Lo, to accommodate naming a super carrier currently in production.

On the morning of October 25, 1944, the task force was engaged by an overwhelming force from the Japanese Navy, consisting of 23 enemy ships, including the Yamato, the largest battleship ever built.
Despite overwhelming odds Taffy three prevailed. However, after the battle concluded, one of the first kamikazes of World War II managed to sneak through the defense, off the island of Samar, and attacked Bob’s ship. Despite heroic efforts by he and his shipmates, the St. Lo eventually succumbed to seven explosions, including the magazine on the hangar deck. After the ship was sunk, Bob was in shark infested waters for 2 1/2 hours and finally rescued by the USS Heermann (DD 532).

As a result of his battle wounds, Bob received a Purple Heart and received numerous citations and metals from his tour of duty including: Presidential Unit Citations from the U.S. and from the Philippines as well as the Philippine Liberation Ribbon with two stars, the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal with two stars, the World War II Victory Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the Navy Occupation Service Medal (w/Clasp), and the Good Conduct Medal. In total, Bob’s ship earned 10 battle stars and several other distinctions during his service in the US Navy. He was honorably discharged on January 22, 1946.

A couple of years after the war ended, it was Bob’s dream to attend the University of Illinois Champagne/Urbana campus, where he used the GI Bill to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Upon the startup of his 2nd college year, on a summer day in 1948, Bob met Georjean, while attending a Northwestern University cost accounting class. This was the beginning of a beautiful LOVE STORY! Bob and Georjean married on October 22, 1949 and lived in U of I veteran’s housing, where many lifelong friendships followed.

In 1952, following college, Bob and Georjean opened a daycare/pre-school branch of Mabel Schubert’s Jolly Fun House Playschools, founded in 1942. Mabel, Bob’s mother-in-law, a visionary English teacher, wished to aid the droves of mothers entering the workforce to support the World War II effort. In later years, Jolly Fun House Playschools gained recognition for being early, innovative pioneers in the field of Early Childhood Education in the city of Chicago. Bob also gained recognition as one of the early founders of Chicago’s first Pre-School Owners Association.

Bob loved the outdoors, and his role as Jolly Fun Day Camp Director; it was a “match made in heaven”. Bob, a creative thinker, developed comprehensive, highly enriched day camp programming, with a schedule full of athletic and cultural experiences for children ages 6-13. His weekly agenda included museum visits, specialty tours, a variety of sports and games, school bus and outdoor sing-a-longs, Red Cross swim lessons, roller-skating, weekly awards and so much more.

As years went by Bob and Georjean’s preschool, kindergarten, and primary levels had a following of Jolly Fun graduates, eager to enroll their own children at Jolly Fun House Inc., with its long-standing reputation! Jolly Fun’s history of early learning (children ages 3 and up) was a staple along with social and emotional development. This holistic approach was “way ahead of the times.” education and intellectual development remained a cornerstone of Jolly Fun’s mission, with offerings in advanced and/or accelerated curriculum in reading, language arts, math, and foreign language, along with yearly, live vocal, musical productions.

Bob’s passion for sailing began on Mill Lake, Lauderdale Lakes, WI with his purchase of a very old handcrafted wood gaff-rigged scow, followed later by a 16’ fiberglass sloop. Bob and his family enjoyed weekend vacationing at (Nana) Schubert’s picturesque cottage every year in the summer.

During their Chicago years, Bob and Georjean prioritized yearly “couples adventures” traveling to Acapulco Mexico with “bestie friends” and once playing “crew” aboard a sailing Windjammer ship set for the Caribbean islands.

With Bob’s ongoing never-ending enthusiasm for sailing, he acquired a larger 32’ sailboat named “Onward III”, and kept its name to avoid bad luck! With the help of friends, Bob obtained a mooring in Chicago’s Jackson Park Harbor, and for 3 years eagerly mapped out excursions to sail up and down the east and west coast of Lake Michigan. Eventually, Bob set a new goal to relocate his Onward III to Floridan waters as, “Florida was Paradise!” After a lengthy, treacherous journey down the Mississippi River, Georjean and Bob safely arrived to the island of Tierra Verde, FL.

In 1989, with many beautiful moments on Tierra Verde, Bob and Georjean decided to leave Chicago permanently and retire from their business. They passed their business baton forward to daughter, Gigi Bowie, 3rd generation, and her husband Bob, entrusting Jolly Fun House Playschool’s extraordinary legacy would remain strong.

With lengthier cruises anticipated, Bob obtained his final sailboat, a Tiana 37’ cutter rigged sloop named Mesmeriah; and for many years cruised both coasts of Florida mooring/anchoring always at favorite seaports such as Fort Meyers, Captiva Island, Key Biscayne, and Key West. Upon other occasions, Bob challenged himself, sailing across the Bermuda triangle, weather permitting, to explore many Bahamian islands, as far away as the outer island of Georgetown. However, his greatest experiential adventure was sailing down the Italian Riviera and Amalfi Coast, as acting helmsman, to deliver an assigned 52’ sailboat to its owner.

Bob lived his life his way! Bob’s family released him to God, on a significant date… his heavenly 74th Anniversary, with his beloved wife Georjean, and thus their love story continues!

Bob’s greatest desire was to live his final years in his home, on Tierra Verde, among family and cherished friends; and so grateful to God, author of his book, he granted Bob’s wish. Glory to God!

Deceased, Robert Schueler, preceded in death by Georjean Schueler, Gail Schueler, Minnie Schueler, Carl Schueler, Alice Schueler, Doris Mann, Joyce Morgan, Barbara (Bobbie) Morgan, Joey Cinquegrani, Mabel Schubert, Georgie Gastfield, Bill Schubert, and Robert Bowie.

Loving survivors of Bob Schueler include Daughter Cheryl (Bob) Falbo; Daughter Lauren (Richard) Selmeier; Daughter Georgia (Gigi) Bowie; Granddaughter Britt (Mike) Possley; Granddaughter Terri (Casey) Newell; Granddaughter Shannon (Adam) Persha; Adopted Granddaughter Whitney Mann;
Grandson Matthew (Rita) Bowie; Grandson Rod (Kelly) Bowie; Grandson Derek (Carol) Bowie; Grandson Gavin (Misty) Bowie; Grandson Eliott Wentworth; Adopted Grandson Charlie Mann; Great Grandchildren (17); Great, Great Grandchildren (1); Niece Connie (Alan) Wilkinson; Niece Jeri Lundquist; Nephew Frank Mann; Nephew Carl (Pam) Mann; Nephew Bobby (Alena) Cinquegrani.



I’d like the memory of me
To be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an afterglow
Of smiles when life is done

I’d like to leave an echo whispering
Softly down the ways.
Of happy times and laughing times
And bright and sunny days.

I’d like the tears of those who grieve,
To dry before the sun.
Of happy memories that I leave
When life is done.

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