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Sharon Bird Mancini

Lively, humorous, loving, vivacious, empathetic, compassionate, considerate, intuitive, and witty. These are just some of the words used by friends, family, and loved ones to describe Sharon Lynn Mancini. They are all true and accurate. Whether you’ve known her a long time or perhaps less, she had that type of magnetic personality that we all just gravitate to. We like to believe life is like a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of the next. Sharon is now an Angel in Heaven. Even though she has been taken from us too early, God needed her and she’s rejoicing with her Mom and all her loved ones there. We will hold her memory dear in our hearts as we travel the road of life without her. Our loss is Heavens gain. Perhaps Heaven just needs more angels. She was and is truly loved by more than she might have imagined. Sharon loved her family and had a special infinity with children. She loved them, and they loved her patience, how she made each feel important and loved, and her soft way of speaking to them. She loved antiques, flea markets, yard sales and estate sales. She loved finding old treasures. She also loved gardening and always had a fabulous green thumb with both vegetables and flowering plants. Sharon was particularly fond of orchids. Some of her favorite things was preserving and canning and dehydrating her bounty from her home-grown garden. She taught others how to preserve food and how to make some of her own specialty foods. She loved crafts of all kinds including crocheting and sewing. She cherished chatting with friends and family over a good up of coffee. She always like being called “baby”. We shall always miss you baby.

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  • Mary Lynn Watson says:

    There are no words to express the loss of Sharon. She was very dear to me. My thoughts and prayers are with Samuel, Frank & family. Cherish the memories as you heal.

  • Janet Watson says:

    Sharon and I gave birth the same year, 4 months apart . We had ten years in Florida with the kids before we left for NC. We took those two kids everywhere together. Sharon was there for me as I hope she felt I was there for her. We had some great family outings and those two kids riding around her place and ours in that Jeep. Something the two of us never forgot. We both sat there amazed at our children. Sharon always knew how to liven up a party. I remember at Sam and Jill’s wedding she put her long sweater on Don and told him not to take it off. She sat there laughing so hard she cried. Then the time In Tampa at the casino. We had a great time that weekend. We had some great times. Lots of good memories with Sharon. I am so sorry that she will not be around to liven things up again. Watch out everyone up in heaven, Your in for some good times. I Love you Sharon and I will miss you.

  • Liz Brancato says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Frank.
    Kevin, Liz and Danielle Brancato

  • Frank Mancini says:

    My dearest sweetheart, you will always be missed. Rest in peace baby, until we meet again.
    Love Frank, your husband.
    P.S. Roscoe misses his mommy. (That’s our little doggie)

  • Sue says:

    We always had fun together.she was the life of the party. We had lots of good times together the memories are with me forever She would say my Momie loved her more. Momie would wink and say yes I do Sharon. And she did. Sharon celebration was on my Momies birthday in heaven I will miss her. RIP my sister

  • Neil says:

    It’s just hard to believe you are gone so soon we had so many good times together setting around just talking and laughing up a storm. Even the days we spent together during the hurricane was so much fun when things around us were crazy. We will really miss you each day, always thinking about you. Our Lord and Saviour has you now will meet again some day.
    Love Neil (brother in law) ♡

  • Gary Thibodeau says:

    We will always hold on to the great memories we have of Sharon. Picking strawberries, visits to the Hard Rock, going to the movies and many trips to Sweet Tomatoes. Sharon was always one to lend an ear with kindness in her heart. She was taken all too soon. Heaven has gained an amazing angel.Frank, may the love of family and friends continue to bring you comfort through all your difficult days.

    Love, Gary and Heidi