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Sydney Mawby

Sydney “Sid” “Pops” Curtis Mawby of Seminole, FL. passed away in his home of 50+ years surronded by his family on August 15, 2022 after a long and full life. He was 81 years old.

Sydney is survived by his 4 children, Curtis Mawby of Seminole, FL; Christine Sampley of Parrish, FL; Irving Mawby of Seminole FL; and Sydney “Boo” Buckingham of TN.; his 10 grandchildren; his 7 great-grandchildren; and his sister Theresa “Tessie” Sorenson of Seminole, FL . He is preceded in death by his wife, Ruby Mawby of Seminole, FL; his great-grand-daughter Marli Perry of Seminole, FL; and his parents Dorthea “Ma” Mawby and Irving “Bob” Lionel Mawby of Hudson, FL.

Syney was born January 3, 1941 in Maryland OR to “Ma” and “Bob” Mawby along with his sister “Tessie”. They grew up on big open lush greenlands, picking blueberry bushes, no electric and running water in those days where he was located. They both attended the same 1 room schoolhouse, where he brought his dog Patrick that sat by his side through the day. After graduating from Courtland High School with honor roll of course he joined the Airforce where he served his country for 4 years. Upon coming home he worked alongside his family business I.L. Mawby Real Estate where he earned his General Contractors License. Then went on to become on of the most brilliant Asphalt Engineers of time. Where people would say he was the “guru” of asphalt. Where he would still receive calls offering him jobs or to even come check out their plants well beyond his retired years. He was a highly respected, hard working individual, decorative man that traveled to more places than could be named for work. A man of his time.

Sydney was the monarch of our family and friends. To be kind and simple was his belief in life. This was his exact words that he left us with. A man so selfless to help anyone in need no questions asked. A man everyone wanted on their side. He had the solution to everything big and small. A brain that if he allowed you, you just wanted to inquisite all day long. He will be forever loved and missed dearly to the ends of the earth for all the days. May God rest his soul and take care of him till we see him again. We Love you!

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