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Teri Lynn Burns

Teri Lynn Burns was born September 1, 1959 to Beverly Ann Tuttle Burns and Clarence Edgar Burns, Jr.  She was their 5th and last child, and she was indulged (and spoiled rotten) by everyone – especially her mother and grandmother.  Teri’s siblings, in order of oldest to youngest, were Robby, Debbie, Danny, and Becky (who died in infancy).  Teri and all of her siblings were born at the original Mease Hospital in Dunedin, Florida.

Teri accepted the Lord as her Savior in childhood, and the Lord called her home on September 11, 2020, at 3:48PM.  Teri now joins both of her parents, both of her brothers, her sister (Becky – whom she never knew), her brother-in-law (David Yates), her grandmother (Beverly Gray Tuttle Zollman, who died exactly 14 months prior to Teri at 100+ years of age), her grandfather (Robert Tuttle), her other grandparents (Ida and Clarence Burns, Sr.), aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and many of her beloved fur babies…She joins all of these loved ones in celebrating an eternal life with no pain or suffering.

Teri had many adventures in her life, starting when she was young.  She was very active in Christian youth groups, and was lucky enough to be able to visit various places and attractions with these groups, with her grandmother, or with the friends she so easily made.  This carried over into her adult life, and while Teri may not have kept in frequent touch with her friends later in life, she was loyal to them.  Teri was like her brother Robby in that there was not a selfish bone in her body, and she would give a person anything she could if they were in need.

Teri lived in Pinellas County, Florida (her birthplace) for most of her life, except for a few years while working in New York, NY during her late thirties to early forties.  She tried different careers throughout her younger days, but the two that she most liked and spent the most time doing were while she was in her late thirties and throughout her forties.  These two jobs were working for an accounting firm in New York, and doing media buying from her home office in Florida after she moved back there from New York.

Teri had a couple of serious relationships in her thirties and early forties, but after the relationship with her last partner dissolved, Teri became content to be on her own.  That is, until 2005, when she met Shawnee Fox.  Teri and Shawnee hit it off, and before long, Shawnee had moved in with Teri to begin their forever relationship.  Teri was ecstatic with her new partner, and it didn’t take her long to finally feel complete.  But that was before a little girl, Lexi Roy, came to live with them also.  From that point, Teri and Shawnee raised Lexi as their own daughter, and Teri now had a complete family.

In her early forties, Teri began having heart problems (while on vacation in Monaco in the French Riviera), and shortly after returning home, she had to have quadruple bypass heart surgery.  Teri recovered quickly, and remained relatively healthy until she was in her early fifties, when diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, and lung problems began to get the better of her.  Teri was hospitalized many, many times over the years – quite literally near death’s door – due to complications from her various ailments, but she always miraculously bounced back and did well until the next flare-up.  Because of her history, no one that knew her could believe that she did not bounce back this time.

Teri leaves behind her partner of 15 years, Shawnee Fox, their daughter, Lexi Roy McIntosh (Chris), her sister, Debbie Burns Yates, her sister-in-law, Kathie Loomis Burns, her sister-in-law, Corelynn Carr Burns Howell, her great aunts Ruthie Gray Card and Valda Gray Noble, many cousins, many nieces and nephews, and several friends (at least two of whom has been in her life since Teri was a teenager).  She also leaves behind several dogs and cats, who will miss her as much as her human family will.

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  • Jennifer Allen says:

    Dear Shawnee,

    We are so very sorry to hear about Teri passing. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peace and comfort during this difficult time. Please know that we are here for you if you need anything.

    Jen, Will, Tyler and Bradley

  • Shawnee Fox says:

    I miss you so much….I love you always..#provingandshowing

  • Debbie Burns Yates says:

    We cried…Angels sang.
    Our loss…Heaven’s gain.

    Rest in peace, my baby sister.

    Love you forever.

  • Sue Northrup says:

    Teri and I met during 8th grade at Dunedin Jr high school. We stayed in touch and remained friends for decades.. She was ALWAYS there for me.. always supportive and on my side, and wanted the best for me always.. Her sense of humor and her facial expressions just made us laugh so much sometimes we were out of control at times. Inspite of all the losses and difficulties and health problems Teri endured over the years she always persevered, stayed kind, stayed hopeful, and always showed her love for family, friends and pets… she was one of a kind, and Iā€™m going to miss her greatly šŸ’” RIP my dear dear friend, you are at peace now… you always wanted the best for me, the kids and grandkids…. We are all fine , I will always see your face laughing and smiling that Great smile of yours whenever I think of you.. Love you…

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